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The most comprehensive and unique collection of poetry can only be found at Saison Poetry Library which is located at the Royal Festival Hall London. This major library is serving its purpose as the most modern and contemporary place for literature and arts. Arts Council of England is funding the Saison Poetry Library so that England’s most precious asset remains safe. The poetry is available in every possible form which includes DVDs, books, audio cassettes, magazines, pamphlets etc. This library is also home to UK’s poetry magazines,  Besides elders, a specific section for children is also available so that they can also develop an interest in literature and arts.

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Contact Number: +44 20 7921 0943


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    The collection available at this library dates to 1914. Most of the poetry collection is from Ireland and United Kingdom and various other English speaking countries. The most prominent poetry of English literature is available with its translation for children. In addition to the other nice collection, rap and concrete poetry is obtainable as well. Audio and video facility is available at Saison Poetry Library so that people can acquire education in all possible manners as well.

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    Things to do at Saison Poetry Library:

    - Various events are scheduled which include poetry writing, poetry appreciation, poetry readings etc.

    - If you have any queries related to poetry, they will be answered at Saison Poetry Library by their reliable and educated staff.

    - Textbooks and anthologies class rooms are also available in order to teach poetry to children and elders.

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    Operational Hours:

    Except Monday, the library remains open from Tuesday till Sunday between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm.

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    You can become a member of the library by providing the management with the following documents:

    - Bank statement
    - ID card
    - Utility bills
    - Driving license
    - Passport size pictures.

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    Level 5, Royal Festival Hall, City of London, London, Greater London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom.

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    How to Reach Saison Poetry Library:

    By Tube:

    Waterloo underground rapid transit is 0.2 miles away from the library and you will reach there in 5 minutes. Take an exit from Waterloo station and commence your walk in northeast direction towards Cab Rd. On the same road take a left turn and then the first right turn will take you towards York Rd/A3200 on which you will have to cover 220 feet distance. Then take a left turn onto Concert Hall Approach and cover 0.1 mile distance on the road. The last turn towards Belvedere Rd will direct you towards Saison Poetry Library. For a detailed view of the route, take help from this link.

    By Bus:

    Within 48 seconds you will reach the library from South Bank, Royal Festival Hall (Stop S) which is 203 feet away. The only route number that makes a stop here is RV1 from the Soho Bus Station. From the stop, head straight in southwest direction on Belvedere Rd towards Concert Hall Approach. For a detailed route map, take help from this link.

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