List of Tax Fraud Lawyers in London

In the complex corporate structure of firms in London, tax fraud can be easily overlooked. This also stands true for individuals and their taxes. Londoners may find themselves in a situation where the government sends a legal notice claiming that a company or individual has not mentioned an accurate income in their annual tax returns or tried to evade custom duties or conceal income. To cope with such a situation, one has to consult with a tax fraud lawyer. If you are caught in a tough situation related to tax regulation, then you should look for experienced attorneys offering their services in London. Here is a step by step list of the top tax fraud lawyers in London to help you resolve your tax obligations.


  • 1

    Rahman Ravelli Solicitors London are defending people against fraud and corruption allegations in London and around the world.

  • 2

    BCL Burton Copeland Solicitors is a London based law firm specialising Tex frauds and other regulatory and enforcement areas.

  • 3

    Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP pecialise in commercial disputes, corporate fraud, cartels/antitrust, extradition, corruption, mutual legal assistance and city crime.

  • 4

    Saunders Law Partnership is located in the heart of London's legal district. The firm is a litigation powerhouse, built on the many years of experience of its founding solicitor principals.

  • 5

    LexLaw is a private client city law firm based London, providing first class and comprehensive legal services. The firm is proud of it's reputation for closely managing it's client's interests specially in the field of tex fraud.

  • 6

    Hogan Lovells International LLP is one of the top tex fraud lawyers in London offering its services for last many years to Londoners.

  • 7

    EPD SOLICITORS is a specialised criiminal law experts - covering fraud, tax, business regulatory offences, serious crime and appeals with a specialist motoring law department.

  • 8

    Hylton Potts Legal Consultants have a specialist branch in its huge law firm to control TeX fraud cases in and around London.

  • 9

    Coninghams Solicitors are specialised tex fraud lawyers with an experienced team of solicitors. They deal both commercial and private clients.

  • 10

    Webster Dixon Solicitors has a thriving private-client practice, which is rapidly expanding and covers a wide spectrum of work ranging from company and individual fraud issues to matrimonial matters to the preparation of wills and estate planning.

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