Upminster Tube Station London

Upminster Tube Station of London underground is situated in the town of Upminster, a residential area which is in the northeast of London. Being a suburban area, the place around it is not considered to be the best for commercial buildings and thus, it is not much of a frequently visited business location or tourist spot. Although it is not much of a busy transit route in comparison to the other stations of London, but the station still offers a diverse number of facilities for the travelers. These facilities include: assistance provided to partially sighted, blind and mobility impaired people, toilet facility for travelers, support to people with hearing problems, parking facility, push chair access for parents and designated rooms to change clothes/nappies of babies. Along with all these services being provided, you can always avail staff help as well. The station is located in fare zone 6 of London underground and was opened in 1885, having its approach from the main entrance and car parking. In case you want to get to the ticket hall from the car parking, you need to travel 50 meters on foot to reach there.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    Those travelers and commuters heading to Upminster Tube Station who want to satisfy their hunger and get a cup of coffee to freshen up or grab something to eat can have a view of the following list of restaurants and coffee shops coming in the vicinity of Upminster Tube Station.

    Azzurri Food, Pizza Express Restaurants, Othello, Yin Court & Essex Yeoman.

    Coffee shops:
    Costa Coffee, Upminster Cafe, Pips Smoothies, Cafe Le Raj & Caffe Dolce Vita.

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    Clubs & Bars
    People who are craving for a happening night life, with lots of partying and drinking should visit one of the clubs and bars near Upminster Tube Station. This is because they're reputed for what they offer - a nightlife worth experiencing!

    Just naughty.

    Essex Yeoman, Crumpled Horn, Bar 3 Zero & The Windmill.

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    Hotels & Accommodation
    Most of the people who visit this place are locals or guests who come this way to visit family or friends. Being a mostly residential area, the place doesn't have many accommodation venues and hotels in the vicinity but a few of them are mentioned below.

    Hornchurch Stadium.

    Havering Property Rentals.

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    Sights and Attractions
    People throng to different sights and attractions to break free from the daily routine, and this is why there can be many of them found near Upminster Tube Station.

    Upminster Tithe Barn Agricultural and Folk Museum, Upminster Park, Clockhouse Gardens, Saint Andrew's Park &  Gaynes Parkway.

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    Educational Institutes
    Those of you who reside around the Upminster Tube Station and are looking for a reputable institute to enroll their children in will not be disappointed, since a huge quantity of them can be found in the surroundings.

    Havering Sixth Form College, Emerson Park Specialist Sports College, Havering College Of Adult Education, East London School of Motoring & Europa Centre for Modern Languages.

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    Gift & Bookshops
    Exchanging gifts is what strengthens a bond between two people. And this is why a variety of gift and bookshops can be found near the Upminster Tube Station to cater to everyone's demand.

    Book shops:
    WHSmith, Swan Books, Fools Christian Bookshop & just naughty.

    Gift shops:
    Classic Cards, Superdrug &  Lilac Cherry Cards & Gifts.

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    Health & Beauty Services
    Being in good health and looking at our best is what we all aim for, and people who commute through this station or live around it are no different. This is why the provision of health and beauty has become a reality around Upminster Tube Station too.


    Aura, Simply Beautiful, Havering Beauty Academy, The Nail Sanctuary, Deluxe Beauty & Spa & Richards Orin.

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    Emergency Services
    People who want emergency help against something, want to report a crime, or contact the police against some threat or danger can avail the local police service nearby.

    Rainham Police Station.

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    Hospitals & clinics
    Provision of health care facilities in a society is a major factor in up-keeping its standard of living. And since the area around Upminster tube station is a residential one, you will find many such places nearby.

    10 Hall Lane Dental Practice, Church View Dental Clinic, SunnySmiles Dental Innovations , Upminster Clinic, Chakravarty Dr P & Algra Peter.

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    Childcare Centres
    If you are a working parent and need to head out for some important work, you can avail the services of childcare centres situated near the station. They're sure to take care of your child, while emphasizing on intellectual development.

    Gaynes Park Children's Nursery and Preschool , St Josephs Upminster, Springfield Playgroup, Nexus Fostering South East & AClass Aupairs.

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