How to Get Antarctica Tourist Visit Visa From London

Antarctica is the southern most continent on the planet and has no human inhabitants. The only people that do reside temporarily on the frozen landscape are located in the research stations setup by different countries for scientific reasons. Antarctica is not under the rule of any one country, although some areas are controlled by specific countries. The 1959 Antarctic Treaty has suspended all new claims to the continent and the area is considered neutral. Tourists do make their way to Antarctica during the right seasons. Most are on cruise ships but some intrepid adventurers do head on to land and view the penguins, whales and seals living in the area.


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    Visa Rules

    Since Antarctica has no functioning government, there really are no rules for entry. Travelers will not require any visa to make entry into the harsh landscape of the continent.

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    Entry requirements

    Their are no specific requirements for entry because the borders of Antarctica are not controlled or manned. However, it is recommended that a passport be brought that is valid for your complete trip. This will be needed in case you stop by in other countries on your trip.

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    How to get to Antarctica

    Most adventure seekers make there way to Antarctica by sea. Cruise ships, whaling ships and tour operators can arrange for you to go to continent. In most cases you will need to make your way to Argentina and then travel onward by sea. Click here to get more details on how to get a tourist visa for Argentina.

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    Tour operators and cruises

    The following are some of the tour operators and cruises that can offer you a antarctic vacation from London:

    eWaterways Cruises

    Hurtigruten Group

    The Cruise People Ltd

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    Things to take on your trip

    The antarctic region does not have any shops, so you should bring all your equipment with you. Warm clothes, tents and other items to protect from the cold are all necessities.

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