List of Lebanese Restaurants in London

Lebanese cuisine has always been known for its yummy taste, considering it’s unique and lip-smacking recipes. If you are working in London or you are going to stay here for the studies, Lebanese cuisine is waiting for you to try it out. Apart from working or study in London, if you plan to visit one of the most exiting cities of the World for tourism, Lebanese food will add up some unforgettable taste in your trip. Below is the some important information to find out quality and delicious Lebanese food in the hub of Europe.

First of all you need to have enough information regarding top Lebanese Restaurants in London. We are here to help you for this, here is the list of some Lebanese Restaurants with complete details for your connivance.


  • 1

    Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village

    Believe in love to live together, which makes them to prepare quality Lebanese food to give you taste that you have not tried ever.

  • 2


    Is a perfect venue in London to have an exciting time in the evening, as you can enjoy traditional Lebanese food there with your family and friends.

  • 3


    Deals with three type of facilities restaurant, bar, and lounge area. They have ample variety of coffee salads, sandwiches, bakery products, soups and sea foods.

  • 4

    Maroush 5

    Located at easily reachable location in London and offers tremendous dining facilities along with playing live music.

  • 5

    Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food

    Is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in London, as it provides taste and excitement together in terms of an outstanding eating environment.

  • 6

    Noura Central

    Is well known for great hospitality trend, quality food, variety of cuisines has brought many awards for Noura central, which proves that it is one of the ideal restaurants to visit.

  • 7


    Is one of those restaurants which give the taste of belly dance along with preparing typical Lebanese cuisines.

  • 8


    Is one of the best restaurants in London which offers a lot of stuff to chill out along with having yummy Lebanese food.

  • 9


    Is another food spot where you can enjoy pure Lebanese dishes. You can hang out with your friends or partner to enjoy some delicious food over there.

  • 10

    Al Sultan Restaurant

    Provides mezze, grilled chicken topped with hot and garlic sauce and Lebanese sweets & cakes in your favourite town London.

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