Ways to Purchase Waterloo Tube Station Tickets in London

Are you looking for ways to purchase Waterloo Tube Station Tickets In London? Information on whether you want to do advance booking, off-peak timing ticket purchase, or Rovers and rangers to buy tickets for Waterloo Tube Station. Several major train operating companies offer their rates on their websites for your information.

You can also find the ticket pricing from the journey planners websites available over the internet and calculate rates for different destination along with booking and online purchasing. If you want to purchase Waterloo Tube Station tickets in London then you can follow some simple guidelines to help point you in the right direction. You will have to go through the ticketing phase which can be done in several different ways mentioned below.


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    Ticketing, Visit National Rail website for journey planner and Waterloo Tube station departure and arrivals times. Here you will find excellent resources regarding all the ticketing and scheduling information that you will be searching for.

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    Online, currently there is no official website for the Waterloo Tube Station for tickets purchasing online but you can purchase the tickets from the retailers that helps you make your journey plan online. You will have to search for these retailers so be sure to use a decent search engine on the internet to get a list of retailers that sell tickets for the Waterloo Tube Station online.

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    Over the phone, You can call any of the Waterloo Tube Station number or Train Operating companies to book your ticket for your journey from the Waterloo Tube station. Be sure to be specific when it comes to the train numbers and also the schedule that you will be wanting to travel on.

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    At the station ticket office, Ticket offices are located in Waterloo Tube station from where you can buy tickets for your journey, Located at South west gate of the station. Flexible Payment methods like Credit card, Debit card, cash. Remember to have all the information that will be required in advance such as train numbers and schedules or routes.

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    Self service, you can use any of the ticket machines available in Waterloo Tube station to buy ticket. Ticket booth machines are located everywhere in the station for your ease. Make sure to get some help when using the ticket machines so that you purchase the right tickets. You can always ask someone for some assistance if you have trouble working the machines.

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    Agents, Train Operating companies appointed travel agents are complementary at Waterloo Tube Station and can make reservations and issue tickets. Most agents have excellent facilities when it comes to getting train tickets that they offer their clients. If your travel agent offers this service then it might be a good idea to let them handle all of your ticketing needs.

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    Onboard, if in any case you won’t find any ticket purchasing facility at Waterloo Tube Station, you may be able to buy tickets on board the train. However, this facility is not always available so it might be best to use your travel agent to handle your entire ticketing needs.

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