How to Get Akrotiri & Dhekelia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Akrotiri and Dhekelia is a British territory which is located in Cyprus. The population of Dhekelia is 15, 700 and half of it  is of British army and their families. For British citizens, it is not necessary to get a visa from London in order to travel to Dhekelia, instead they must have a valid passport and ID card for travelling. People traveling from London as well as other areas are recommended to apply for travel insurance in order to travel safely and have peace of mind. However, it must be noted that the allowed stay for tourists is usually for 30 days. If you are in London and planning to go for a tour to Akrotiri and Dhekelia you have to follow the steps indexed below.


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    Following people don’t need to apply for a visa:

    a) People having  multiple entry visitor's visa for UK
    b) Permanent residents (ILR)
    c) Those with a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode.

    The above people only need to have a passport. And in order to get a passport or renew an old one, you must visit the passport office in London. But if its not located near your area of living, you can also apply through the post office.
    Find a branch of the post office that is nearest to you through this link of branch finder. And send the complete application to them via post.
    For more information for renewing a passport see the "How to renew passport in London" link.

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    People from London who are on a visit visa,  student visa or on a work permit need to apply for a visa for the overseas territories.

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    Follow the procedure for applying for Akrotiri and Dhekelia tourist visa if you are not a national of UK but are living in London.

    a) People ineligible for direct travel need to apply online. (link for applying online)
    b) After completing the visa application form, take out a print and sign it.
    c) An application number ID will be allotted to you by the visa agency.
    d) Use a credit card to pay the visa fees, which will only be accepted in USD .
    e) The application must then be forwarded to the UK visa agency of the country which you belong to (the country which you have the citizenship of).
    f) You now need to wait for a decision on your visa application by the concerned authority.

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