List of Ambulance Services in London

Together with many other facilities, London city of United Kingdom does provide an excellent ambulance services to its residents at great ease.

If someone is seriously ill, injured or his/her life is at risk, don’t bother to open a directory of ambulances in London, rather the easy way to approach an ambulance service, is to just dial 999. By calling here, one can avail the services of London Ambulance Service (NHS Trust), which is first-rate in providing the best services.

There are different ambulance services which are available throughout the city. If you want to know more about them, scroll down and learn how you can call them and how one is different from the other.


  • 1

    Private Ambulance Service

    Provides medical and Health services to patients in the London city at great ease.

    Private ambulance service
  • 2

    Ambulance Service Association

    Is a well known ambulance service, provides services to a big number of patients, covering huge area in London.

  • 3

    Britannia Ambulance Service Ltd

    Offer excellent 24 hours services to their customers throughout the London.

    Britannia Ambulance service
  • 4

    London's Air Ambulance

    Is only helicopter emergency medical service which provides life saving care to victims of serious injury throughout the city.

    London Air Ambulance
  • 5

    Patient Transport UK Ltd

    Hires ambulances with qualified medical staff to transfer private clients to and from medical appointments.

    Patient transport UK
  • 6

    M&L Ambulance Service

    They have earned a good name in providing best ambulance transport and services. M&L Ambulance Service offer a wide range of well equipped vehicles for urgent and non-urgent transport.

    M & L ambulance service
  • 7

    St John Ambulance

    Provides its services in best ways and also teach young people in schools regarding first aid techniques.

    st john ambulance
  • 8

    London Ambulance Service

    There aim is to provide their patients with the highest quality of care and their services operate in an area of approximately 620 square miles, from Heathrow in the west to Upminster in the east and from Enfield in the north to Purley in the south.

    London Ambulance Service
  • 9

    Astar Private Ambulance Hire

    Provide Private Ambulances and fully trained medical personnel to the public. Astar Private Ambulance Hire has spent a huge amount in both training and equipment and are provide a quality service.

    Astar ambulance hire
  • 10

    Medical Despatch Ambulance Services Ltd

    Provides patient transport services and also offers the facility of first aid. It is also valued for its experience in all aspects of medical service provision and has built an extensive client base including several major groups of companies.

    Medical Despatch Ambulance Services Ltd

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