How to Get Ireland Tourist Visit Visa from London

Ireland boasts a culture that is easily recognizable around the world and especially by Londoners. The Island country is located on the northwest of continental Europe next to the United Kingdom. It is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest island on Earth. This beautiful country has a strong indigenous culture, which is expressed through Gaelic games, the Irish language, Irish music and alongside mainstream Western culture such as modern music and drama. Apart from culture, Ireland also has several captivating attractions, which drag tourists every year in huge numbers from all across the globe. The most discussed or visited attractions of Ireland are Mount Stewart House and Gardens, Reginalds Tower Museum, Clonmacnoise, Shannonbridge, Offaly, Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and. If you live in London and planning to explore this magnificent island then, here is step by step guide to get the tourist visa of Ireland from London.


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    Not all UK passport holders are waived off from the short term visa or tourist visa index therefore, applicants should check from this list in order to learn beforehand that they fall in visa exempted category or not.

    a) To get the Irish tourist visa fulfil following requirements:

    b) Completed online visa application. Applicant must make sure that he or she has signed and dated online summary sheet.

    c) Passport with minimum six months validity after applicant’s date of departure from Ireland.

    d) Provide one fresh passport style photograph.

    e) Provide proof of permission to stay in the United Kingdom for instance sticker or stamp on passport or other approved official paper issued by the authorities in the UK or an Identity Card of UK. This proof should remain valid for at least three months after applicant’s exit from the Ireland.

    f) Provide complete details regarding your visit to Ireland for instance visiting family or friends or its a holiday etc.

    g) Provide an up to date and signed letter from applicant’s workplace as a proof that applicant has a job for which he or she will return. In case of student provide a study on headed document with full contact details. The above mentioned letters must include details of employment or study course. This Letter should be dated within four week period before filing the visa request.

    h) Self employed persons will provide a written proof of their business pr company. This proof can be in the form of:

    • Headed paper from applicant’s solicitor or accountant or tax consultant and it should be original, signed and dated letter.

    • Or recent correspondence from his or her self employment with the Inland Revenue.

    • Or original letter of incorporation.

    • Or a fresh bank statement (of past three months) of applicant’s business bank account.

    • Or provide recent utility bills of applicant’s business premises.

    i) Up to date original signed letter of invitation from the applicant’s reference in Ireland. This letter should also include the address where applicant will stay. This Letter should be dated within four week period before filing the visa request.

    j) Also provide a copy of applicant’s passport. If the reference is a non EEA national then provide also provide his or her current Irish permit (GNIB card and Immigration stamps).

    k) Also provide details how applicant known or related to the reference he or she had provided. If

    l) Details of how you are known or related to your reference and, if necessary provide supporting proof of this.

    m) In case of staying in a hotel, guesthouse or B&B, provide confirm booking details along with the address of the accommodation, where applicant will stay and exact dates of check in and check out.

    n) Provide proof of how applicant is going to finance his or her trip and support them self (latest bank statements which should not be old than 3 month period immediately prior to applicant’s visit). Bank statements should include the latest transactions for the account up to the date of applicant’s visa request and:

    (i) It has to be original.

    (ii) It must display the current address of applicant.

    (iii) It must also show a credit balance of not less than £250. Lump sum lodgements made soon before applicant’s visa request will not be considered.

    Note: Receipts of ATM are not accepted.

    o) If the applicant is being supported by a spouse, partner or member of his or her family then, they should provide following:

    (i) Proof of funds in the form of bank statements as mentioned above.

    (ii) An original, signed and dated letter by applicant’s support and declaring that they will provide funds to applicant during his or her trip to Ireland.

    (iii)  Proof of relationship between applicant and his or her sponsor.

    p) Provide particulars of any applications which applicant have made for an Irish visa, prior to this one. This will include refused requests as well.

    q) Also provide particulars of the refused visa requests for any other country.

    r) In case of postal applications, applicant should use a self addressed Special Delivery envelope for return of his or her passport and documents.

    s) As far as all children’s visa applications are concerned they must include following:

    i.            Child’s original long form birth certificate that should be showing the names of both parents.
    ii.            A letter from the school in which child reads to confirm his or her current attendance. If the child is not yet of school going age then, provide a letter from their GP.
    iii.            A documented consent of both parents for the child to travel or a sworn statement of guardian or original court order in the case of sole custody.
    iv.            Original or certified copies of photo ids for both parents, as named on the birth certificate of the child, which should also include their signatures.

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    Visa Application Form

    From June 30, 2008 all visa applicants resident in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland can ONLY apply for their visa through the online visa application service. Click here to begin your on-line application.

    For complete details on Irish visa call at this premium rate number, 0906 6610197.  This service is only available to callers from Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) and the charges of this premium line are £1.50 per minute (calls from different network providers or from mobile phones may cost differ). OR visit Irish embassy in London.

    Embassy of Ireland

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee of Ireland for single entry is £53, while for single or multiple entry is £88. However, charges may vary as per entry or nationality basis therefore, check the exact fee from here. Applicants from particular countries are not required to pay a fee, click here to find out the list of visa fee exempted states.

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    Mode of Payment

    Mode of payments are cash, postal order or bank draft. All postal orders or bank drafts should be made payable to the Embassy of Ireland.

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    In order to submit your visa application and supporting documents in person go to the passport office in the embassy of Ireland from Monday to Friday between 9:30am to 12:00 noon and take a ticket from the dispenser. Tickets are available from the dispenser until 12 noon.

    Wait until your number is called. All customers who have taken a visa ticket from the dispenser before 12 noon will be seen that day.  Customers who arrive after 12 noon and do not have a ticket will not be seen.

    Second option to submit visa application is by post and mode of payment for this preference is explained above.

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    Processing Time

    Applications which are submitted at the Public Counter will take a minimum of 7 working days from the date of receipt. Whereas applications which are submitted by post will take maximum of 15 working days from the date of receipt issued from the embassy of Ireland.

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    Collect Visa

    To collect your visa applicant must bring his or her visa receipt with them. The visa collection timings are 2:30pm to 4:00pm from Monday to Friday. If you intend to collect a visa on behalf of someone else then, you will require the receipt, photo ID and a letter of authorisation from the person whose passport & visa you are collecting.

    Applicants who have send their applications by Special Delivery envelope will get their visa or passport by post.

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