L’Hirondelle Coffee Shop London

L’Hirondelle Coffee Shop is located at the Hoe street Walthamstow and is one of the best coffee shops situated in the area. The coffee shop offers a range of freshly prepared hot drinks and their coffee is always prepared with the help of fresh coffee beans. The atmosphere inside the shop is is comforting and its a place where local people come to do networking. The coffee shop also offers a range of cup cakes and snacks and specially, their French patisserie are a real treat. If you get to the Walthamstow Hoe street, then you should definitely  throw a visit to L’Hirondelle Coffee Shop and it will welcome you with the pleasing smell of fresh coffee beans.

Contact: +44 20 8521 2850


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    Product and Services

    L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop offers extended range of drinks and snacks in their menu including;

    Different types of cupcakes




    Freshly prepared hot drinks

    French patisserie

    You can also avail the facility of dine in or take away.

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    Operational Hours L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop

    L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop opens seven days a week from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.

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    Location of L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop

    160 Hoe Street, London, Greater London E17 4QH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop

    By Tube

    If you wish to get to the L'Hirondelle Coffee Shop then the nearest tube station is Walthamstow Central which serves Victoria line and London over ground services. After leaving the station, head East onto Selborne road and then take a slight left to stay on the Selborne road. After 157 feet, turn left onto Hoe Street and continue walking for another 0.1 miles then again take slight left to stay on Hoe Street. Keep walking for 0.2 miles and at the end of journey, the Coffee shop will be on your left. For complete maps and directions click here!

    By Bus

    You can also get to the coffee shop by using bus service. The nearest bus stop is Walthamstow Market Hoe St (N-bound)‎.

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