How to Travel from London to Ely

If you are planning a road trip from London to Ely, in Cambridgeshire, you should preferably use your own car since there aren’t any bus services available which will directly take you to Ely. While it takes around 1 hour and 36 minutes to reach Ely if you are travelling in your own car, a bus service will take twice that time. Whichever way route you take, always remember to take a map and a tourist guide brochure which will help you in your tour.


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    Before starting your journey, perform proper maintenance, checking the engine and break oil etc. You need your car to be in perfect condition in order for this drive. Ely, in Cambridgeshire, is 78.5 miles away from London, but the route is very simple and you just have to make sure your ride is perfect with no technical issues. Weather wise, Ely is considered to be the driest county of British Isles, which is why you can comfortably plan out this journey.

    To move towards the Strand which is on ramp A4 you will have to head South on the Trafalgar Square Road which is on ramp A400. On the same ramp, after 295 feet, you will reach a roundabout. After a drive of two miles again the ramp will change, now you will be driving on ramp A100 which is named Byward St. From the initial road, the Trafalgar Square till the Byward St, you will be moving on a Toll Road.

    After covering a distance of 0.2 miles on Byward St, take a left, and on A1211 ramp you will drive on Minories, a Partial Toll Road. Now on junction 33, you need to take an exit. Finally, reaching the Minster PI, your car will cross the borders of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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    Go to the Victoria Bus Station where you will be able to get your tickets booked and get on your way. After getting your tickets booked take your seat and wait for the conductor to come and inspect your ticket. Do not lose your ticket after inspection because your bus might make a stop, depending upon the route, after which the passengers will be instructed to change their bus. Eventually you will reach the bus station of Newmarket which is the ‘Newmarket, Horse Racing Museum’. From here it will almost take thirteen minutes for your cab to enter Ely.

    Victoria Coach Station
    Address: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TP, United Kingdom.
    Visit: Victoria Coach Station Website

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