How to Travel from London to Exeter

Exeter is the county town of Devon, England. It is a cathedral city with a good blend of arts, education, retail and history. The city has good transport links with Exeter International Airport, the M5 motorway, Exeter St Davids railway station and Exeter Central railway station. All these transport links connect the city both nationally and internationally, so you can use several means of transport to reach this historic city from anywhere in the United Kingdom. The distance from London to Exeter is 197 miles, and it takes you less than 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the city when travelling by car, which is the preferred mode.


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    Travel from London to Exeter By Car

    If you are planning to go to Exeter from London, it would be best if you own a car, since then you won’t have to rely on bus service or any touring agency. There are three routes which will take you from London to Exeter, but it is recommended you follow the one which involves ramp M4 and M5, since using this route you will be able to cross the Exeter border in the shortest possible time.

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    Travel from London to Exeter By Bus

    If travelling by car, the journey time from London to Exeter is less than 3 hours and 45 minutes, but when travelling through bus, it may take you much more than that, since the bus services moving from London to Exeter make several stops. National Express operates a number of buses from around the United Kingdom to the historic city of Exeter.

    There are two companies that run buses between London’s Victoria coach station and Exeter. If you really want to go to Exeter by bus, you need to buy a ticket first. You can book the seat online as well as at the spot. Online booking is an appropriate method, since you can easily figure out the route and estimated journey time for several bus services from your home/hotel.

    Victoria Coach Station

    Location: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TP, UK.

    Before you think of any other option, visit the websites of National Express, Transport Direct Info and Mega Bus.

    To plan your journey online you can check the websites mentioned below:

    Visit: National Express
    Visit: Transport Direct Info
    Visit: Mega Bus

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    Tours & Trips

    If you are new to London and do not know much about the roads and routes that can take you to Exeter, you can always seek the assistance of a travelling agent. The top ten travelling agents in London are 2001 Travel Ltd, A J Tours & Travels, A W L Travel Ltd, A&M Travel, A-Lanka Travel, A1 Travel Services, Abbotts Travel Agency, Ace Travel and Ada Travel.

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