How to Get Uganda Tourist Visit Visa from London

Step by Step guide to get a Uganda tourism visit visa from London

United Kingdom and Uganda shares strong bilateral relations in terms of trade, support and aid. UK is one of the biggest donors to Uganda and this helped both countries to extend their bilateral relations to wider fields including tourism. An easy requirement for the UK residents is a part of such bilateral co-operations. Uganda High commission in London has easy requirements for the Londoners. However, these requirements should be met to get the Uganda tourism visit visa without any delay and inconvenience. Here is a step by step guide to get a Uganda tourism visit visa from London that will help you avoid any inconvenience during the entire process.

Visit: Uganda High Commission


  • 1

    Application Form

    The first step is to get an application form for the Uganda tourist visit visa from London. You can download application form by visiting the official website of the Uganda High Commission in London. You can also download the application form by clicking on the link given below.

    Click to Download Application Form in PDF format.

    Click to Download Application Form in Microsoft Word format.

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    Before you fill your application form, you should review these requirements set by the Uganda high commission in London.

    (a)    One completed application form. Application form should be signed by the applicant.
    (b)   One passport sized Photograph that should be in light colour background and clearly shows your whole face. Attach the photograph on the given place on Application form.
    (c)    Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for one year from your proposed date of entry.
    (d)   Bank statement showing that you can bear the expanses of your trip.
    (e)   You may also be asked to submit utility bills (i.e. Gas, Electricity, Water and Residence Telephone).
    (f)    Visa Fee

    Remember you may be asked to submit additional documents.

  • 3

    Visa Fees

    A single entry visa that remains valid for three months from the date of issue costs £25 while multiple entry visas remains valid for six months and costs £65.

    You application fee should be paid in cash or postal money order payable to the name of “Uganda High Commission” that should be submit on the time of submitting an application form. Remember you cannot use the option of cheque as High Commission does not accept cheques.

    You can Locate the Nearest Post Office to make Postal Order.

  • 4

    Submit Application

    You can submit application either by mail or in person. If you select to submit your application in person, you will visit Uganda High Commission in London on the address given below. You can submit your application from Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 13:00.

    Uganda High Commission

    If you chose to send your application pack using mail, you should choose a registered mail service. You should also attach a stamped, self-addressed and registered envelope in your application pack. Your application should also include postal order that you can get from the post office.

    You can Locate the Nearest Post Office to make Postal Order.

    If you want to send you application using courier service below is a list of some courier services in London.

    DHL Express (UK) Ltd


    Mail Boxes Etc. London Victoria

  • 5

    Processing Time

    Uganda High Commission takes only one working day after receiving application to process it.

  • 6

    Receive Visa

    If you submit your application in person, you will have to visit the Uganda High Commission possibly next day to collect your visa. You should however go between 11:00 to 13:00 from Monday to Friday.

    If you submit your application using registered mail or courier service. You may have to wait for three to four days before you receive you visa because it also includes the time of courier or postal services.

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