How to Deal with Street Crimes in London

London is a safer city as compared to other areas but the number of total reported crimes still stand at 816, 248. Street crimes form a major part of that number, encompassing acts that happen in public places like thefts, pick pocketing, the creation of graffiti and harassment. According to London Metropolitan Police Force, street crime is; “Robbery, often called ‘mugging’, and also includes thefts from victims in the street where property is snatched and the victim is not assaulted.” In situations like these, it is mandatory to keep oneself safe from street crimes. To make you know about dealing with street crimes in London, here is step by step guide to it:


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    Be aware of pickpocketers as this street crime is, perhaps, the most prevalent. This is especially true for tourists. Keep valuable items like your cell phones or wallet in a buttoned pocket or tightly gripped in your hand. Be more vigilant in crowded areas like metro stations, malls and popular resorts.

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    Never leave your valuables unattended as this will give a chance to thiefs to steal your items and run away. Keep them by your side or in your grip. If you do want to leave them, make sure it is under the close watch of somebody you trust.

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    Travelling insurance is a wise idea to keep you covered while you travel. However, this is only applicable to the tourists as not many insurance companies in London provide travel insurance within the city to the residents.

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    Keep pepper spray with you, so in case your personal space is intruded, you can make good use of your ‘weapon.’

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    Avoid areas that have a high risk of street crimes. For example, Hackney Borough of London is a small area compared to others but, according to the Metropolitan Police London’s website, the total reported crime rate stands at an unfortunate 27, 658 cases.

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    Women should be more careful as they are considered weaker targets by street criminals. Try and travel only with people you know.

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    In case you have been a victim of street crime in London, immediately inform the police by dialing 999.

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