Diamond Jubilee Event in London

The year 2012 is the Diamond Jubilee year to mark the celebrations of 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the British Throne. Therefore, to celebrate this once in a life time event several festivities are planned for the year that will take place throughout 2012. The centre of major activities will be Hyde Park and aside from that Londoners and tourists will also get to see a special exhibition at V&A Museum. At this museum visitors will see the fine collection of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II pictures’ from her teenage princess hood time period to her current role. Battersea Park will also host festivities, which provide residents and visitors of the British capital to party in the true and real retro way which should be legal. Just like these sights Londoners will experience Diamond Jubilee celebrations on various places in the capital.


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    Diamond Jubilee celebrations are taking place to mark the marking the 60th anniversary of the succession of Queen Elizabeth II, as she wore the throne after her father, King George VI’s death on February 6, 1952. At present she is the female monarch of 16 states, out of which 12 were the colonies of Great Britain, when her reign began.

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    Lots of activities will take place all through 2012 both locally and international to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. However, the major centre of activities will be Hyde Park and specifically during the Bank Holidays, when people of all ages can enjoy live entertainment, dancing and parades comprise on two days. Aside from that children will get to see stage shows on weekends, fun inspired from Disney and hugely popular Jubilee Family Festival.

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    Important Dates:

    Before the start of year 2012 it has been clearly announced by the government of England, about the series of festivals to be held. All in the honor of the Queen, the chain of event will go on throughout the year 2012.

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    These celebrations will last over a complete year.

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    Hyde Park, London W2 2UH, United Kingdom.

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    How to get there:

    By Tube

    Lancaster Gate tube station is about 0.6 miles away from Hyde Park. Patrons can easily get to Hyde Park from Lancaster Gate tube station in 12 minutes roughly. If the patrons turn right onto N Carriage Dr and then, turn left to stay on N Carriage Dr. Then, patrons will turn right and after that left. Afterwards they will turn right about 3 times in order to finally reach their destination. View Map

    By Bus

    Victoria Gate (Stop LD) is the nearest bus stop to Hyde Park. Bus users can get to this bus stop by using these bus numbers 94, 148, 274, 390 and N207. After which they will head east on Bayswater Road/A402 towards Clarendon Pl and turn right at Clarendon Pl, from where patrons will take a few more turns to get to Hyde Park. 0.5 miles is the gap between this bus stop and Hyde Park and easy to cover by walk in roughly 9 minutes.

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