St. Paul’s Tube Station London

St. Paul’s tube station is located on the Central Line of the London Underground network, that is to be found in City of London. St. Paul’s tube station was opened way back on July 1900 and had given the name of Post Office. This name was chosen instead of more apparent St. Paul’s,  in order to differentiate it from the South Eastern Railway station that was called St. Paul’s, which is now named Blackfriars station. The name of this tube station is not the only thing that was changed later, initial entrance that was located on the Newgate Street after modernization was done in 1930s. As a result of that renovation work St. Paul’s tube station also got a below ground ticket hall plus escalators were installed too. At the moment other facilities on St. Paul’s tube station are gates, pay phones, cash machines and ticket halls. These halls have three entrances, which are also used for exit, that are located around St Martin’s le Grand, Cheapside and Newgate Street. Moreover, St. Paul’s tube station also provides easy access to London Stock Exchange and newly opened One New Change Shopping Centre, because it is located very close to these sites. Places to explore near St. Paul’s Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    St. Paul's tube station is another busy London Underground station, as it closely sited to London Stock Exchange and One New Change Shopping Centre. When the visitors of these sites get spare time they enjoy meal or coffee from close by bistros and coffee shops.


    Paternoster, Dion, Manicomio Gutter Lane, Barbecoa & Haz

    Coffee Shops:

    Caffe Nero, Dose Espresso, Starbucks Coffee, Apostrophe & EAT - Cheapside

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    Clubs & Bars

    Since St. Paul's tube station is located in City of London, that boosts lot of leisure activities because of its famous clubs and taverns so people used to visit these venues from all over British Capital.


    Yager Bar, Fabric & Beduin


    Corney & Barrow Paternoster Square & The Red Herring

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    Hotels & AccommodationS

    In case if someone is looking to find an accommodation for one night stay or more to have fun in this party area, then they can find number of hotels near St. Paul's tube station.


    Grange St. Pauls Hotel 5* London, Hotel Chocolat, Crowne Plaza Hotel London-The City, Threadneedles Hotel London & The Rookery Hotel London

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    Sights and Attractions

    The index of attractions near St. Paul's tube station also generates lot of interest as people can find famous museum, park and other fascinating sights.

    Museum of London, The London Bridge Experience, Guildhall, Tate Modern & Postman's Park

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    Educational Institutes

    Most of the well renowned universities are also located in the vicinity of St. Paul's tube station in London; apart from schools and colleges, where students are studying different courses.


    City University, London Metropolitan University & London South Bank University


    Southwark College


    City of London School

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    Gift & Bookshops

    The tourists can not only find a shopping venue near this tube station, but those who have interest in books can easily locate various book and  gifts shops; to have something for their loved ones.

    Gift Shops:

    Hallmark Paternoster Square, Joy & Cards Galore

    Book Shops:

    CLC Bookshop & Daunt Books

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Gym, spas and salons located in the St. Paul's tube station have hired professionals, which take care of the fact that their customers will get what they expect from them.


    LA fitness St Pauls & Fitness First


    The Spa at Chancery Court


    Oasis & Rush One New Change Hair Salon

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    Emergency Services

    Emergency services in the region are also satisfactory as police stations, fire station and ambulance services can be reached quite easily.

    Police Station:

    City Of London Police & Shoreditch Police Station

    Fire Brigade:

    Shoreditch Fire Station & Dowgate Fire Station

    Ambulance Service:

    European Medical Assistance

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    Hospitals & clinics

    Medical emergencies are also catered well in the suburbs of St. Paul's tube station, as there are quality hospitals and clinics located nearby.


    St Bartholomew's Hospital, Greenwich Hospital & London Bridge Hospital


    Vestry House Dental Practice & Optical Express

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    Shopping Malls

    The list of shopping malls situated near St. Paul's tube station is not too long, but they have almost everything that a customer may look for.

    One New Change Shopping Centre, Gabriel's Wharf & Hay's Galleria

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    Childcare Centres

    If parents have a plan to go for shopping in the surroundings of this London Underground or for any other important task, they can drop their kids at the childcare centres that can be located near St. Paul's tube station.

    Spitalfields Childrens Centre, Newpark Childcare Centre & Coram Fields

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