How to Get Andorra Tourist Visit Visa From London

Andorra is a small landlocked country in the southwest of Europe bordered by Spain and France. British tourists visit Andorra to enjoy the Andorran festivals, traditions and culture. The folk-dances, the singing competitions and shopping in this tax haven amuse the tourists coming from United Kingdom a lot.  Canoeing in the ravines, climbing the rock walls, trekking the picturesque mountains give loads of enjoyment opportunities to the nature lovers visiting Andorra from Britain.

If you plan to visit Andorra from London then go through Step By Step How to Get Andorra Tourist Visit Visa from London.

Visit: Embassy of Andorra in London


  • 1

    British Citizens

    For British citizens a visa is not required to enter in Andorra for a stay of up to 90 days. A valid passport at least for the proposed duration of the stay is required.

  • 2

    Other Nationals

    All nationals especially those that are outside the schengen zone should check the  regualtions for entry in to either France or Spain as Andorra can be reached through either of these two countries. Suppose you choose France as your way of entry in to Andorra then contact French Consulate or Tlscontact. Tlscontact is an organization working for French embassy to carry out visa operations.

    French Consulate in London, UK


  • 3

    Visa Requirements

    You will have to register on the website of Tlscontact and fill out their form to get an individualized documents checklist. The documents required varies from case to case. However, some generic documents that may be required are mentioned below:

    a) A valid passport
    b) Proof of Funds to finance your stay
    c) Proof of accommodation,Airline tickets or itinerary
    d) Completely filled and signed application form

  • 4

    Submission of Visa Application

    You have to visit the Tlscontact office to apply for a visa granting you an entry into Andorra.

  • 5

    Visa Processing time and fees

    It is  suggested that you apply at least 20 working days before your planned departure date. Also, You can not submit visa application more than 90 days before your departure date.

    The visa fee can be charged upto 100GBP. Als0, 23.33 GBP service fee is charged by Tlscontact. For updated fees or categories given exemption or relaxation in visa fees and other categorizations visit the Tlscontact website.

  • 6

    Collection of visa

    After you have applied; you will have to pick up your passport after visa processing is done by the Embassy.

  • 7

    Final checklist of things to take along

    Below is s checklist of things you are suggested to take to Andora.

    a) All necessary documents mentioned in Step 3
    b) Enough funds
    c) Pack according to weather forecasts
    d) Maps of city and other locations to explore
    e)  Hard shoes for exploring the mountains

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