How to Claim Insurance Denial In London

When you are up to claiming denied insurance anywhere in London, you must firstly have in mind the exact picture of the policy your insurer has given you. Always take time to read and understand what flexibilities you can have at your hand from the policy provided to you by the company. After that you should be knowing the clear dead line as to when in latest you can appeal for the denied insurance. The days to apply for the appeal may be different for different companies but they don’t vary greatly and are mostly between 60 to 180 days. Always keep in mind to get an appointment before going to your insurance provider. You can get information by this read about claim Insurance denial in London.


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    Firstly you will have to extract the main points from your summary of detailed plan which will be provided to you by the company, about how you can file a denial appeal.To follow the procedure accurately be conscious that your appeal will be entirely depending upon how you conducted the process.

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    Gather all documents that will help in making your case strong. e.g
    a. Your service documentation
    b. Billing receipts or original billing statement
    c. Denial letter that the company has given to you.

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    Get in contact with the billing department of your service provider and get all the details as to how much you have been serviced. Also get the phone numbers on which your company providing insurance can get in touch with your service provider.

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    Re-check your bill for errors, if you find any , ask for adjustments and a new bill that you will sending along your claim.

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    If your appeal gets rejected, file again and still if to no gain , file again the third time. If the internal levels of the company are exhausted then by law your company will have to allow an impartial third party to review your case and issue a final decision. Following is the list of law firms that can help you:

    a. Greenwoods, national working insurance law firm that is up to the standard to claim insurance denials in London with the most compatible lowers of the city.

    Ince & Co, consisting of 100 partners and 180 lawyers, they provide lawyers to help get insurance claims.

    c. Norton Rose LLP,
    is a specialised law firm that offers legal help regarding  different types of insurance disputes.

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