How to Get License for Medical Store in London

Opening medical store is not a hard job, but likewise in other cities, in London there are few rules which have to be kept in mind in order to open a medical store by remaining under the government rules and regulations. There is specific license offered to the Londoners who intend to open such business because it is up to the owner of a medical store to provide a good quality prescribed medicines. Usually the owner of medical store do have a moderate amount of knowledge about the field of medical and the sales man or women they hire also are well qualified.


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    Before you plan to open a medical store business make sure that you have a diploma of pharmacy because according to the rule of British government you are not allowed to open a medical store until you are well aware of the medicines you intend to sell. If you have a degree of medical then that would be an ideal scenario. A degree of pharmacy is a foremost condition which will allow you to apply for a medical store license, or else you are not eligible.

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    The next step is to contact a licensing agency who will provide you a complete guide along with the list of dos and don’ts.  There are several medical licensing agencies in London and few are mentioned below:

    a) Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

    b) Chic London

    c) General Medical Council

    d) Clinical Professionals

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    When you will visit a medical licensing agency they will provide you with an application form in which you will be filling in your personal information. Make sure that before you pay visit at the agency do not forget to bring along your birth certificate, identity card, educational certificate especially your medical degree or pharmacy diploma certificate, passport size photograph and your debit card. Carefully fill in the application form with correct information.

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    After submitting the application, the agency will contact you and call you for evaluation and written test. A panel of medical specialist will take your written test along with your interview to know whether you are capable enough to run a medical store or you are not. A written test is different for various licensing agencies and their criteria of passing grades or a mark is also unique.

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    After the written test you will be interviewed by medical specialist. The reason of this interview is to know what sort of attitude do you have and in what way you will deal with your customers, are you capable enough to help them in giving an appropriate medicine and are you yourself mentally and medically fit.

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    After taking the two tests the results from each assessment will be analyzed. If according to the authorities you are perfect enough they might call you up or post you your medical license on the residential address you have provided, but if you have failed even then they will inform you about your results.

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