List of Wednesday Night Clubs in London

Wednesday is usually the middle of the working week for professionals and students in London. With only half of a busy week down most people are ready to release some steam before they finish off the rest of the days before the weekend. There are numerous locations across London that can help you unwind and relax while offering you a chance to drink and eat with friends. These venues offer specials on Wednesday to entice weary workers and students by giving discounts or planning special music events. However, not every pub or club offers service on Wednesday but finding Wednesday night clubs in London is not hard when you go through our step by step list of Wednesday Night Clubs in London.


  • 1

    Funky Buddha, is located in the Berkely Square and occasionally brings musical nights, special events, and live concerts on most of the Wednesdays in a month.

  • 2

    Movida, is a among the top night clubs in London who arrange special gatherings and parties on Wednesdays. A dance room, dom perignon and vip room add more to attraction to Club.

  • 3

    The Big Chill House, has set to work and created a super cool space for everyone to enjoy and one where you can celebrate The Big Chill arrange festival nights on every day.

  • 4

    The Social Club, is consistently offering something new on each Wednesday. They sometime celebrate Jazz night, music gala, or dance parties with some of the popular DJs like Jazzy B and Spin Doctor.

  • 5

    Charry Jam, is among the Clubs which are often in the celebrators of music nights, DJs and dance parties on Wednesdays.

  • 6

    The Corner Shop, is a among the clubs who provide relaxation environment to Londoners 7 days a week along with an additional touch of something special on Wednesdays.

  • 7

    Rumba, is making rhythms in the Central London location for last 14 years. The club is open seven days a week and offer something different on each night including the Wednesday Night. You can check in on Wednesday to find what on that particular night.

  • 8

    The 100 Club, is originally called The Feldman Swing Club. The Club celebrates live music parties which has helped it to attain legendry status in modern British music. The club brings something new on each wednesday.

  • 9

    Paper, is recognised for its special parties with star appearances. The club manage to bring something new on almost each Wednesday.

  • 10

    Bar Soho, provides the party atmoshphere with all kind of drinks and wines on 7 days a week. They also arrange something on Wednesday nights.

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