Institutes for Language Courses in London

London is home to several language schools that specialize in offering language courses. The language courses offered at London’s language institutes include all major languages with an emphasis on offering a wide choice of english language courses. Tailor-made courses are designed for starters, intermediate and advanced learners and the mode of instruction may also include online learning facility. Certain language schools also provide the opportunity to send over their teacher to the students’ place while others offer a one-to-one teaching session to the students. The bottomline is that the British capital caters to all sorts of learning requirements of language students while maintaining superior standards of quality.


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    Leicester Square School of English (LSSE)

    LSSE specializes in teaching English and ensures maximum student-teacher interaction by maintaining no more than 16 students in each classroom. The affordable fee, weekly tests and social activities with other students provide great value to the students of LSSE.

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    Students coming from around 100 different countries join English classes at Regent. The study programmes are classified as Adult Courses or Young Learners courses. Students get an opportunity to learn every day communication courses, exam preparatory courses and executive or professional English courses.

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    Avalon school employs quantum method of speaking English which is a fast track method to let students speak fluently and as soon as possible. The school offers culture studies, IELTS and Cambridge first certificate.

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    Cactus provides corporate trainings, private tuitions and courses not only in London but the world over. Thousands of students benefit from Cactus every year and learn one of the numerous languages offered by it.

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    Skola is providing good quality education to international students and possesses an experience of around 40 years in the education business. Separate programmes are designed for juniors and adults who can also enjoy accommodation facility provided by Skola.

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    ec brings English courses, university preparation courses and exam preparation courses for its students. The methodology employed by the trainers at ec aims to make students able to learn and speak English in the easiest way.

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    Malvern house

    Malvern house is accredited by the British Council and focuses to provide its students with a great learning environment and experience. Malvern house also helps its students in getting an accommodation if required by them.

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    German Tuition

    German Tuition offers an opportunity to learn German language in London. Students learn German exam and preparation advice, beginners to intermediate courses and the culture of Germany, Switzerland and Austria from German Tuition.

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    The well equipped classrooms of Bell offer a range of courses classified as Group courses, adult courses, young learners and teacher courses. The students get guidance and support from ‘academic and student services team’ and get a chance to meet students from other countries.

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    Tecla languages

    Tecla languages brings the opportunity to learn online English language courses like English business, English hospitality and living abroad etc. The courses are very well structured and bring the best of teaching methodologies to make the students learn the content.

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    Language trainers

    Language trainers is a big name in both individual and group language training. Language trainers offers a large list of languages to be taught and brings the opportunity to provide online classes.

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    Simon & Simon

    Simon & Simon employs trainers with an average of 15 years of teaching experience. The participant goes through an assessment and need analysis test before getting started with the training. Participants benefit from a variety of languages being taught at Simon & Simon.

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    Lingua Diversa Group

    Lingua Diversa Group brings language training facility to the students. Group lessons are held every evening in the training centrepremises. Participants also have the option to get individual or small group study programmes either at their own place or at Lingua Diversa premises.

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    The Language in Group

    The Language in Group has a list of English courses and trainings to offer to its students. The teaching methodology used by the trainers aims at imparting the right knowledge base and language ability to the students.

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    Shakespeare College London

    Shakespeare College London is accredited by the British council and brings a variety of English courses all meant to instill quality skills and prowess over the language. The college is known to provide quality education and strives to live up to the students’ expectations.

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    Chinese Lesson

    Chinese Lesson brings a great opportunity to learn Chinese. Its not just for business reasons or travelling opportunities; but one can delve deep into the rich culture and civilization of China by getting to know their language.

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    Victoria English College

    At Victoria English College participants get a chance to choose from a variety of English courses. Each course offered at Victoria English College deals with an important focus area of English learning.

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    Tefl lab London

    Tefl lab London ensures active participation of students in the class and thus bring forth an excellent knowledge transfer and skill development. The accreditations by Trinity College London and College of Teachers add another cap to the feather of Tefl lab London.

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