How to Travel from London to Liverpool

In the year 1207, Liverpool was founded by the Royal Charter known as Borough, but later on in 1880 this historical place was honored with the status of a city. Liverpool is situated in the eastern direction of River Mersey, and the distance from London to Liverpool is approximately 211 miles which can easily be covered in a total of 3 hours and 41 minutes by road. Besides using the car, you can also utilize bus, train and air service depending upon your convenience. Train will provide you the fastest service compared to rest of the transport means.


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    Travel By Car

    Three routes are available which provide a link between London and Liverpool. All tracks take approximately similar time and the difference is only of a few minutes. But the route which takes the least time in covering the entire trip is when M1 and M6 highways are taken. You will take 3 hours and 41 minutes to cover 211 mile distance. Rest of the two routes cover 220 miles on M4 and M5 while 215 miles need to be covered on M1. On M1 and M6 there is only 1 Toll road and besides that, it is also prohibited for being used as a private road. Driving Directions from London to Liverpool will guide you with the exact route of the trip.

    You can plan your journey by renting a car for it. Some companies which provide the facilities are listed below;

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Sixt Car Hire London Battersea-Vauxhall
    Sixt Kenning Ltd
    Discount Car Hire

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    Travel By bus

    Although using a bus takes more time in covering the entire distance due to the stops they make, and the specific route followed by the operators, but the rates are quite reasonable which is why people prefer choosing bus. Among different operators that are working, National Express grants the fastest service from London Victoria Coach Station to Liverpool Coach Station, Norton St. It takes 5 hours and 10 minutes to cross the borders of Liverpool without making any stops.  In order to utilize the bus facility, you can get your seats booked by taking help from the links cited as follow:

    Transport Direct Website
    Mega Bus Website
    National Express Website

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    Travel By Train

    If you are looking for a fast and the most reasonable mean of transport, then book your tickets with the Virgin Trains Operators. That is because they take 2 hours and 8 minutes without any stops to reach Liverpool Lime Street, from the London Euston Station. Rest of the operators make stops and that takes a few more minutes in reaching the exact destination. You can buy the tickets when you visit the station, but an ideal procedure is to avail the online booking service. For online booking you can visit the official websites of some eminent train operators stated below, which besides letting you book the tickets, also assist in showing the exact rates along with some discount packages and the route plan.

    Transport Direct Website
    National Rail Website

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    Travel By Air

    Liverpool John Lennon Airport is responsible for providing safe domestic and international trips. The distance from London to Liverpool by air is approximately 54 minutes which includes the ascent and descent time. If you are planning to travel by air all the way to Liverpool, then keep in mind that there are no direct flights available. No matter from which airport of London the flight takes off, it will definitely make a single stop. The fastest trip is provided by FLYBE air operator which, by making a single stop, takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to land the plane at Liverpool John Lennon Airport from London Gatwick Airport. In order to book your tickets by taking advantage of the online service, you can take help from the links given below:

    Flights Idealo Website
    Trip Advisor Website
    Cheap Flights Website

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