Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools London

Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra schools are primary and seconday schools catering to pupils from age 4 to 16. The school is committed to provide academic excellence as well as spiritual and ethical growth. A conducive learning environment is provided to children from all sorts of diverse backgrounds. A room well-provided with computers is available for children to acquire and hone their computer application or software skills, while a gym provides the students an excellent venue to play games like Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Rounders and Football. Other sports like circuit training, athletics, fitness and aerobics can also be practiced by the students. Children are also encouraged to participate in plays or dramas held in the school.


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    Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools Serives

    Teaching classes (Primary and Secondary) following National Curriculum

    Computer Facility to learn computer applications

    Extra-Curricular activities like sports and drama

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    How to Contact Al Sadiq and Al Zahra Schools

    Al Sadiq and Al Zahra Schools can be contacted at the below mentioned number.

    Contact: +44 20 7372 7706/6760

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    Careers at Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools

    If you are seeking career prospects in Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools then you may send your CV to the principal at the below mentioned address.

    Location:The Principal, Al-Sadiq & Al-Zahra Schools, 134 Salusbury Road, London NW6 6PF, United Kingdom.

    You may also contact the school at the below mentioned email address.


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    Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools Location

    Al-Sadiq & Al-Zahra Schools, 134 Salusbury Road, London NW6 6PF, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to Al-Sadiq & Al-Zahra Schools

    By Tube

    The nearest tube station is Kilburn underground station. Move southwest on Christchurch Ave toward Chatsworth Rd and turn left onto Brondesbury Park. Continue onto Salusbury Rd and the destination will be on your right. View Map

    By Bus

    Brooksville Avenue bus stop is very close to the school. Bus number 206 reaches this bus stop.

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