List of Consulting Engineers in London

The city of London, with its numerous codes and regulations, can make it difficult to do anything with your property if you do not have the proper knowledge. That is why when you are building, buying or upgrading a property it is a good rule of thumb to acquire the services of a Consulting Engineer. These specialists will make sure that your building is safe, meets all regulatory requirements and are designed properly. If you need the services of a consultant engineer in London, to make your search easier here is a list of some of the top firms Consulting Engineers in London.


  • 1

    Watts Consultancy Ltd, is engineering consultancy that offers services in Building Services and Mechanical Design. The have 27 years of experience in procurement, project management and detailed plant surveying.

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  • 2

    DMC Consulting Engineers Ltd, are consulting engineers that deal exclusively in the greater London area. The specialize in residential and low rise building, making them a good choice for private home builders.

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  • 3

    Odyssey Consulting Engineers Ltd, offers a complete start to finish engineering consultancy from feasibility, planning, detailed design and finally implementation. They specialize in transport and infrastructure design.

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  • 4

    Evolve, is a Consulting Engineer firm that focuses on giving its clients high quality and innovative work in a cost effective package. They deal in a large range of areas from feasibility to project implementation.

    Evolve logo
  • 5

    Malachy Walsh and Partners, provides a complete array of engineering services that are economically priced. They aspire to make innovative choices that are eco-friendly in nature.

    Malachy Walsh and Partners logo
  • 6

    Create Consulting Engineers Ltd, is a firm that offers civil engineering or technical planning services. They also deal with surface water management and design.

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  • 7

    Or Consulting Engineers, is consultant engineer firm that focuses on low carbon emission solutions for their clients. They specifically deal in design, energy management and the operation of building services.

    Or Consulting Engineers logo
  • 8

    Abbott Holliday Partnership, is a team of experienced chartered Engineers that offer their services in structural design, surveys and as expert witnesses. They have been serving the London are for 30 years.

    Abbott Holliday Partnership logo
  • 9

    SBD Consultants, is run by Stephen Burr and is an independent contact engineering firm. The chartered civil and structural engineers provide services in insurance and litigation and also pre-purchase appraisals.

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  • 10

    MMA Consulting Engineers, has a wide range of engineering services that include electrical, mechanical, fire design and public health. This allows the company to deliver good value to their clients because most processed are being coordinated under one roof.

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