List of Truck Accident Lawyers in London

A situation of getting caught into truck accident in the streets of London is different than getting caught into car or motor vehicle accidents. In case of truck accident truck companies come head-to-head in court instead of driver himself. So, a specialised lawyer in the field of truck accident should be hired by the company to protect its corporate rights and drivers. There are many truck accident lawyers and accident law firm with specialised departments handling truck accidents in British capital. Here is a step by step list of truck accident lawyers that can help you or your company.


  • 1

    Law Claim personal injury lawyers deal in wide range of accidental cases like, truck accidents, car accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and other kind of accident.

  • 2

    Contact Claims, provide services in all those matter that include motor vehicle accidents like truck accidents, car accidents, bike accidents, and any other kind of accident. They have a specialised team of qualified lawyers each has more than 10 years of experience in the field of accidental claims.

  • 3

    ExpertLawyers, has lawyers who individually allows more than 10 years of experience in accidental cases. The well reputted team of accidental lawyers handles truck accidents, car accidents, bike accidents, and any kind of motor vehicle accidents.

  • 4

    Claims London, is one of the top law firm in the field of accidental claims. They has highly qualified soliciotrs each having extensive experience in accidental cases. They have a sepcialsied department dedicated to provide best solution to clients problem.

  • 5

    Portmans Solicitors, has been in the niche of accidental compensation claims for last many years. The firm is a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers. Well qualified and experienced lawyers advise on all types of compensation claims including personal injury, accidents at work, slips, trips, industrial accidents, asbestos and mesothelioma.

  • 6

    Reynolds Macdonald, is a firm of highly qualified and experienced solicitors, each having a specialisation in big niche of accidental claims. However, their dedicated team of motor vehicle lawyers make best case for those having truck accident.

  • 7

    Accidental Direct, are specialised in a niche of motor vehicle accidents including truck, car and motor bike accidents. They are dedicated only to deal the accidental cases across UK.

  • 8

    The Accident Specialists, have a specialist team of lawyers to help the people suffering injuries from truck accidents in London. The firm has qualified and experienced lawyers.

  • 9

    Hathi Claims Ltd, is a set of experienced and qualified lawyers. Almost each solicitors is equipped with more than 10 years of experience in accidental cases. They also offer personal injury services.

  • 10

    Champions Claims, is a specialised firm in niche motor vehicle accidents , inclduing truck, car, motor bike accidents. The firm's experienced attorneys also deal personal injury claims.

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