List of Takeaway Restaurants in London

Life in a metropolis like London is quite busy and tough. People here have to deal with their hectic schedules, traffic conjetions and long journeys within the city. Therefore, Londoners always try to save their time and money by doing different activities at the same time.  As a result of that numerous companies, and businesses have introduced time and cash saving offers for their customers.  Amongst these businesses, restaurants are one that have started takeaway service. This service is customized for those people, who places their order on phone and by the time they reach at bistro, their order is ready for takeaway. Some take benefit from this service by asking their friend or family member to bring something from takeaway on their way to his or her home, when they have nothing to eat. While others enjoy restaurant food at home with their family or guests to avoid hustle bustle and lack of privacy in bistros.


  • 1

    Thames Tandoori Restaurant, is an Indian restaurant that delicious and traditional cuisines from the region. Aside from serving the food on the venue they also offer take away and online order service.

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    Tiffin Tin, is another Asian restaurant that offers takeaway and delivery services. The restaurant basically serves Indian cuisine.

  • 3

    Ho Lee, also offers takeaway. The restaurant deals in Asian food other than Indian cuisine.

  • 4

    Indian Express, offers contemporary Indian food with both take away and dine in facility for their customers.

  • 5

    Xiong Mao, serves both Chinese and Thai food. Their customers have all three options (online order, take away and delivery) to enjoy their food .

  • 6

    K2 Indian Takeaway, is another Indian cusine takeaway which is located in Wimbeldon. They also offer free delivery of food.

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    Cardamom, offer its visitors both dine in and takeaway facility to get pleasure from their traditional Indian food.

  • 8

    Indian Chef, is one of the very few bistros in London where you can give your takeaway order online to enjoy their delicious Indian cuisines.

  • 9

    Makan Cafe, is offering halal food to tis customers for quite some time now. You can either eat in or takeaway your order.

  • 10

    Kebabish, is one of the largest and fastest emerging Asian food chain in UK and Euope that specialises in grilled food.

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