Best Thanksgiving Dinner in London

Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in the United States and Canada, but Londoners are also completely aware of the importance of this holiday and rejoice on this occasion with glee. At this time of festivity, people plan out a family gathering and prefer having juicy stuffed turkey in their meal. Cooking a turkey is no doubt a tough job and only expert cooks can manage to prepare a sumptuous dish. But without having a turkey, the celebration of Thanksgiving seems incomplete from a traditional perspective. In order to give every Londoner a chance to enjoy this customary occasion, a few restaurant are known to prepare special meals for thanksgiving. So get ready and take your family out for a top notch meal in any of the best eating places mentioned in this guide.


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    Babylon at The Roof Gardens is included among London’s most glorious dine in places due to its environment and the delicious food served here. On the traditional occasion of Thanksgiving, expert chefs of Babylon the Roof Garden will add some fabulous turkey dishes in their menu, complemented with mouthwatering dressings.

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    Le Café Anglais; on Thanksgiving, the main course of their menu contains turkey and a pumpkin pie, but they serve seafood as the starters too. The range of beverages available at Le Café Anglais will butter-up your meal.

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    Tentazioni; fusion of American traditions with Italian cuisine places Tentazioni among the most distinctive and admired restaurants of London.

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    Bea's of Bloomsbury is known for serving gourmet items, but its main branch located in the city serves Turkey along with buttermilk biscuits and pie in the month of November (Thanksgiving Celebration).

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    Bodean's American style of cooking will definitely endow you a complete feel of thanksgiving. You will get a chance to make your choice out of the best barbecue dishes, fantastic range of soups and salads. In their main menu, the mouthwatering smoked turkey with cranberry sauce will definitely satisfy your appetite.

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    Christopher's juicy turkey, rump of lamb or beef and pies will definitely complete your festivity. Later on you will be given a choice to have brownies or cobbler galore as a dessert.

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    Hix at the Albemarle is a British restaurant known for granting sumptuous choices of meal at reasonable prices. For Thanksgiving dinner, there are three main courses which include Turkey, pecan and pumpkin soup.

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    Villandry has a Belgian owner but even then, on Thanksgiving, the meal served at this restaurant is festive enough to make your celebrations complete. Your meal will start with the twice-baked cheese soufflé and then Turkey or ham according to your requirement will be served.

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    Narrow is located near River Thames so, along with some delicious food you can also enjoy beautiful views of the flowing water. On Thanksgiving, they serve roasted turkey along with American inspired creamed corn, sugar glazed carrots and sweet potatoes with marshmallow.

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    Savoy Grill has on offer for the month of month of November Maple Roast Turkey, Maryland Crabcakes and Cornbread Stuffing by its expert chef of Savory Grill. As for desserts, you will be served with a thin slice of pumpkin pie accompanied with delicious cinnamon ice-cream.

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