Alderwood Primary School London

The management of Alderwood Primary School believes that if children are provided with a fun environment, only then they would ensure that the children acquire quality learning in next to no time. The perfect opportunities granted to each student, at Alderwood Primary School, gives them a chance to develop a confident, self-worthing and a strong personality. Under the monitoring of friendly and knowledgeable staff, the students not only feel secure, but parents are also confident about the fact that their child will grow in such a way that he/she will be able to understand the world around him/here very well. With a sound start, the education and learning at Alderwood Primary School is always monitored, and at regular intervals, parents are also informed about their child’s performance.

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    Alderwood Primary School Services:

    Along with a school, facilities of child care center are also available where children can play and avail the service of libraries. Besides parents and child’s yoga facilities, clinics are also present at the center.

    In the afternoon, the management provides service of cookery club and music therapy for children.

    Meetings are also scheduled in order to inform parents about their kid’s performance.

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    Alderwood Primary School Operational Hours:

    Monday to Friday, the school starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 3:30 pm. From 3:30 to 6:00 pm, after school club activities are held.

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    How to contact Alderwood Primary School:

    During office timings you can contact the administration of the school on the number given below, and arrange a meeting instead of paying a surprise visit.

    Contact: +44 20 8850 6841

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    Career and Training at Alderwood Primary School:

    Are you in search of a job at Alderwood Primary School? Then do not waste any time and send your resume attached with a request letter on the address cited below.


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    Alderwood Primary School Location:

    Rainham Close, Eltham, London SE9 2JH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Alderwood Primary School:

    There is no tube station available in the vicinity of the school. If you are travelling by a car, then from the main road, which is the Bexeley Rd, you will have to take a right turn on the Alderwood Rd and cover 351 feet distance. Then move towards Reston Crescent by turning left, wrap 322 feet length distance, and take the last turn towards Rainham Close where the school actually lies. In order to acquire detailed information about the route Click Here!

    By Bus:

    If you take route number 132 from North Greenwich bus station, or N21 from Charing Cross bus station, then you will be dropped at Rennets Wood Road (Stop AM), which is 0.2 miles away from the school.

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