List of Mosques near Canary Wharf London

London is a multicultural and multi-faith city as people from different countries and different religions work and reside here. One of the biggest portions of London’s population is Muslim. They are free to build mosques and to offer their prayers. The numbers of mosques in London are more as compared to any other main European cities. You can find a mosque near you easily. Similarly you can find a list of mosques near Canary wharf area, as it’s one of the busiest work places in London and a huge Muslim population works here.


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    Poplar Shahjalal Mosque, is located 0.4 miles away from Canary Wharf tube station on the south side of it. The mosque provides space for 170 worshipers. The prayer services include five daily prayers, Jummah prayers, Eid Prayers and Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan. This is a good place to go if you want to observe your prayers and meet with various others from around this area. This mosque has very good facilities and can serve all of your religious needs.

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    Westferry Community Organization is a community centre situated half mile away from the Canary Wharf station. The community centre arranges services for Jummah Prayers and Eid Prayers. This mosque also has very nice facilities and works in the community. If you want to observe your Friday prayers then this a nice place to go. You will be generally impressed by the organised way which this mosque handles everything. The community centre offers a great place to meet other Muslims for this area. If you are new to the area then this a good place to go to find other people like yourself.

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    Poplar Mosque and Community Centre, is located on the north side of Canary Wharf tube station within a distance of 1 mile.  The Mosque provides daily prayer services, Jummah Prayer services and the Eid Prayer services. You will enjoy the facilities of this mosque as they offer a great place to observe your prayers.

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    Darul Ummah Mosque, is situated 2 miles away from the Canary Wharf station. It is a very big mosque which provides five daily prayer services, Eid prayers services, Jummah services and Taraweeh services during Ramadan. This mosque has a decent amount of space and caters to the muslims living in and around this area. The mosque has very good facilities and is a great place to go to observe your prayers and religious obligations.

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