How to Get Armenia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Visually stunning Republic of Armenia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This small country is a stockroom of magnificent attractions, which are visited each year by huge number of tourists. UK nationals and residents are familiar with the place, as they are also among the list of its travellers. Tourists from UK are also impressed with its rich cultural diversity, heritage and fascinating scenery. However, the amazing part about Armenia is that economic downturn that the country had witnessed in the 90’s and also in its Soviet past, will quickly disappear when you see the new hotels and excellent facilities in Armenia, which made an appearance after the current boom. If you are looking to visit this small country then, get the tourist visa of Armenia from London as soon as possible. Our step by step guide about getting Armenia tourist visit visa from London will guide you about the process.


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    a)       One completed visa application.

    b)       A travel document, which must be valid for at least a month after your visa expires.

    c)       A passport style coloured picture.

    d)       Provide an invitation, if demanded.

    e)       Applicants can be asked to provide additional documents, if required.

    Click here to see the list of nationalities which could apply for visitor visa with invitation only. For further information on visa requirements click here.

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    Apply for E-Visa

    People, who wish to apply online visa should click here.

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    Check the Status of E-Visa

    Applicants, who have applied for their visas through online service, can also check the status of their request.

  • 4

    Visa Application Form

    You can download visa application form from here. If you want to get visa application form in paper form then, contact Embassy of Armenia in London.

    Embassy of the Republic Of Armenia

  • 5

    Visa Fee

    Single entry visa fee for a stay up to 21 days is 5.06 GBP and for a stay up to 120 days charges for single entry visas are 25.94 GBP. For complete details of visa fee, click here.

  • 6

    Mode of Payment

    Visa fee payment method may vary so it is recommended that applicants should contact the Embassy of Armenia in London (see contact details above).

  • 7

    Check List

    a)      Before submission re-conform that you have attached all required supporting documents with the visa application that should also be fully completed.

    b)      Also don’t forget to check that your picture size also follows the criteria of Embassy requirement.

    c)       Re-check the validity period of your passport.

    d)      Check your funds for the trip.

    e)      Make sure that you have attached the invitation letter as well with the visa form.

    f)       Your application should be filled as per the instructions of the Embassy or High Commission.

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    For conventional visa, applications and documents can be submitted at the Embassy of Armenia in London (see the address above). Or contact the embassy for further details on submission.

  • 9

    Processing Time

    It takes nearly 3 working days to process a visa application. In some cases additional checking can be required and processing time can be extended.

  • 10

    Collect Visa

    Visas are granted in missions and consular posts of the Republic of Armenia, which are located at the border crossing points of the country this includes both conventional and electronic visas.

  • 11

    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry With Them

    Tourists are allowed to carry their luggage. Aside from that they can also take toiletries and their medicines (in case they are on some medication). They can also bring along their ipod or mp3 player with extra batteries. Other stuff will include cameras, sunglasses and so on.

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