How to Get Uruguay Tourist Visit Visa from London

Uruguay is a small country as compared to its neighboring countries of which Argentina and Brazil are prominent. This makes possible for the visitors to travel across the country and explore many interesting sites within no time. According to the stats provided by the Uruguayan Government, more than 15000 tourists from UK visit Uruguay each year, which shows the level of interest of British people in the very unique attractions of Uruguay. The country is flourishing in its white sandy beaches, historical monuments, green fields, incomparable life style of the people residing in villages and a number of events that are celebrated each year.  For British nationals, it is not a big deal to get an entry pass for tourism in Uruguay. Here is a Step by Step help on how to get a Tourist Visit Visa of Uruguay from London.


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    Visa Exempted Countries

    If you are a national of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand or the entire Europe, you are exempt from the requirements of Visa. All you need is an entry permit of 90 days which will be stamped by the Immigration authorities when you arrive at airport. Whereas, the nationals of the rest of the world do need a Visa to get them entered in Uruguay.

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    Visa Requirements

    Following documents are required to get a Uruguay Tourists Visit Visa.

    a) A duly completed and signed application form, one for each member intending to travel.
    b) A valid passport with at least 6 months of validity.
    c) National Identity Cards for adults.
    d) Birth Certificate of Children not having an ID card.
    e) 1 passport size Photograph per application.
    f) A return ticket to be purchased after the approval of visa.
    g) Travel documentation including the dates of departure and arrival.
    h) Schedule of your travel.
    i) Visa Application Fee charged by the Uruguay Embassy in London.
    j) The details of Hotel reservation in Uruguay.
    k) Pre-paid postal envalopes.
    l) Any other documents required or conditions to be met as per Uruguay Embassy policies for visitors.

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    Visa Application Form

    Uruguay Tourists Visit Visa application form can be obtained from the Embassy of Uruguay in London. The Contact details are as follows

    Visit: Embassy of Uruguay in London, UK

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    Visa Application Fee

    For details regarding Visa Fee, contact the relevant authorities at Uruguay Embassy in London. They will assist you in the amount of fee to be charged and the mode of payment.

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    Submission of Application

    The completed and signed application forms can be submitted to the Uruguayan Embassy in London by a registered mail service. You can also visit the embassy in person after taking an appointment from Uruguayan consulate. The address and contact details are mentioned above.

    Visit here to get information about your nearest post office in London.

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    Processing Time and Collection

    Normally the Uruguayan Embassy takes 2 weeks to process the applications for visas. Once the Visa is issued, you can collect the visa either by visiting in person to the embassy or you may also expect to receive via a registered mail service. The embassy does not take responsibility of the loss of documents if sent to you by mail service.

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    Final Check List

    In order to make yourself safe from any unwanted delay in the process, check out following list of items:

    a) All the documents required to apply for visa.
    b) All the conditions are met to be eligible for a Uruguay Tourist visit Visa.
    c) The insurance of Life and Probable loss of luggage.
    d) Confirmation of the Hotel accommodation reserved.
    e) Validity of Passport and other documents.
    f) The schedule of travel along with the date and time of departure and arrival.
    g) A valid Visa Credit Card with sufficient account balance to support your tour.
    h) The amount and weight of luggage to travel should not exceed the limit told you by Uruguay Embassy.

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    Uruguay is normally considered as a cool place to visit. However, some street crimes and threats of diseases are there in Uruguay. For the purposes of safety, you should follow these recommendations:

    a) Make it sure that your luggage is not having something which is not allowed in Uruguay.
    b) Keep your valuables in safe places and try not to carry a lot of expensive stuff while travelling across the roads.
    c) Ensure that all the vaccinations against diseases are up to date.
    d) Respect local laws and cooperate with immigration authorities all the time during your stay.
    e) Always keep your passport with you.
    f) In case of any problem in Uruguay, contact UK embassy for assistance.

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