Leisure Activities in London

To unveil the phenomenal trademarks and sites present in the beautiful city of London, you will have to spare several days. The breakneck speed of this capital city is another part of appeal, so even if you have an hour or a day, London can still give you a chance to satisfyingly enjoy and get yourself indulged in some leisure activities. In many areas of the world, there are varying but restricted times of taking advantage of the leisure activities offered, but in London you do not have to wait in order to spend some time away from domestic chores. In fact every day, unique and enjoyable activities take place which help you in enjoying the true London life.


  • 1

    All Star Lanes, Bloomsbury

    People who are looking for a memorable night out should experience the buzzing Friday and Saturday nights. Along with a great mix of tunes played by the DJ and scrumptious food, you will enjoy the most demanding sport - bowling.

  • 2

    DeckChair Dreams

    You can hire artistically designed deck chairs and chill out for an hour in the fresh environment of London’s Royal Park for £2 only. These chairs are designed by Tracey Emin, Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy who have painted some eye catching designs by using their artistic minds.  You can also buy your favorite chair if you want to.

  • 3

    Namco Funscape

    The largest arcade of London, Namco Funscape is a paradise for children. If you are fond of gaming or like motion ride then this is the only place where your children will be offered with extraordinary number of entertainments.

  • 4

    Curzon Soho

    In the heart of London the most famous cinema is located. The venue is established on three floors; and besides movie shows, award evenings, film festivals and private screenings also take place here. This media hub is surrounded by the movie industry’s offices.

  • 5

    Revolution Karting

    Have you ever experienced the rush of being a part of Formula 1? If no, then do not miss the chance for getting behind the wheels of Go-kart. Make a plan with your friends and see who is speed hungry and breaks the wire as a victor. You can also race individually.

  • 6

    London Archers

    Though this sport seems to be very difficult but once you get the knack of its technical skills, you will find it one of the most satisfying sports. So being an Archery fan, do pay a visit at the London Archer - the best club in Kensington Palace.

  • 7

    My Chocolate Workshops

    The mouthwatering workshop is held at Hatton Square Business Center for all those chocolate lovers who wish to discover how chocolate is prepared and how it is being used in different recipes. So if you are looking for a messy but delicious fun place then My Chocolate workshop is worth a visit.

  • 8

    The Paintball Centre

    This action packed leisure activity emerged in the year 1980, and  it has taken the world by storm since then. You will be provided with protective clothing and the paintball is whistled through air. You can imagine yourself in a battle field and experience the life of a soldier.

  • 9

    Scuba dive

    If you have interest in water sports then do not forget to go for a scuba dive organized by London Scuba. You will be given complete guidance and you can practice some amazing water skills and sessions in the presence of qualified divers.

  • 10

    Poetry Library

    If you are looking for a calm and quiet place to spend some time around a comprehensive collection of books and rhymes, then do visit Poetry Library. Besides the high quality collection of books, their relaxing environment will also grant you peace of mind.

  • 11


    From eel-haven to Syon Park Fishery, a six acre lake is present where Londoners can spend time in fishing. You can fish rainbow trout or a brown trout in only £7. Besides that, you can also learn fishing skills in a £30, one hour class.

  • 12

    Lords Cricket Ground

    If you are a cricket fan then a visit at the Lord’s Cricket Ground’s museum will take you back to the history of cricket. You will be given a chance to see the sports goods used by your cricket super starts and a documentary film of cricket’s history and the achievers.

  • 13

    Spa Service

    If you are really intending to pamper yourself and wish to spend some time away from domestic chores then avail the soothing and relaxing services of Elemis Spa - a temple of relaxation. There are several spa service providers; you can visit the one that is easily reachable by you.

  • 14

    Horse Riding

    Take some time out and pay a visit at the Wimbledon village where you can take part in horse racing. The presence of greenery and fresh air will grant you a calm and relaxed experience. Expert horse riders will also train you before handing over the charge to you.

  • 15

    Bungee Catapult

    If you want to fly like a bird, then head towards Millennium Way, London, where a thrilling activity of bungee jumping is organized. Under the observation of highly skilled sports persons, you will fly 160 feet above from the ground.

  • 16


    If you have a passion for dancing, then do visit Guanabara where you can learn the best Brazilian dance free of cost. Along with two bars, a huge dance floor is available within the venue. Not only at night, but you will find the place busy and bustling in early hours as well.

  • 17

    Comedy Shows

    Theatre Royal Stratford East has been entertaining Londoners by organizing uproarious standup comedy shows which are admired by several people since 1953. This venue is also serving as a home to the Theatre Workshop Company. They are known for organizing free shows - something which has become the biggest attraction.

  • 18

    Pensioners' Playground

    Gone are the days when playgrounds were only made for children. In London, over-60s are also granted with a safe space of 125 square-meters in Hyde Park. Six easy to handle equipment and pieces are available in the park which will help senior citizens to exercise and spend some time with glee.

  • 19


    Are you looking for a free outdoor activity? Then grab your roller skates and join the thousands of skaters whizzing around London’s street. Usually in the season of Spring this activity is admired the most and preferred by elders as well as kids.

  • 20

    Enjoy Music

    You do not have to wait for a concert ticket in order to enjoy some fun music. Just head towards Covent Garden and you can enjoy beats of busking guitars for free! You will surely enjoy listening to the music and watching the world go by.

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