Best Burger Restaurants in London

Whether its lunch, dinner or snack time, burgers are always desirable to eat. This immensely enjoyable food is full of nutritious elements like meat and vegetables and is appetizing for everyone regardless of any particular age group. Burgers are now being made with variety of recipes, from thick slicked smoked to minced or ground meat patties placed between buns or bread and filled with different scrumptious sausages. If you are in London and want to eat mouthwatering, juicy and delish burger then luckily you are at the right place. London is bounteous of such commendable shops where burgers are prepared and presented in magically artistic and unavoidably delish ways. Here is the list of best burger shops in London which you can visit to try some of the most delicious burgers.


  • 1

    Bar Boulud

    This burger shop is among London’s most delicious burger makers. Their Yankee and frenchie are extremely juicy made with finely ground beef patty which is smooth textured and real fun to eat. Bar Boulud’s burgers price ranges from £11.75 to £12.75.

  • 2

    The Hawksmoor

    Burgers at hawksmoor are made in unique style which many other burger shops have tried to imitate. Their minced beef mix is amazingly juicy and thick that you will fall in love with it at first bite. Hawhsmoor’s kimchi burger is famous for its excellent taste. Although a bit expensive ranging up to £18 but this scrumptious and powerful burger is a must try.

  • 3

    The Admiral Codrington

    This burger shop is known for its yummy cheese burger which is said to be one of its kinds. Perfect combination of toppings and minced meat makes their cheese burger more delicious and appealing. Their mac ‘n’ cheese costs 6 and 8oz cheese burger costs £15.

  • 4

    The Goodman

    This is a Chicago themed steakhouse which is popular for its juicy beef burger. They put variety of delicious toppings in their burgers and rare cooked beef tends to enhance its flavor. Price of their burgers ranges from £12 to £13.

  • 5

    Joe Allen

    Burgers at Joe Allen are extremely appetizing, made with simply flavored and tender beef. The presentation of this big delicious burger makes it more appealing. £8.50 is not too much to pay for such a juicy burger.

  • 6


    This sophisticated restaurant prepares the most mouthwatering and scrumptious burgers with toppings that comes up with something new and special every week. They have retained brilliant taste of their burgers and have always amazed their customers.

  • 7


    You will definitely find this cozy place as serving amazingly tasty burgers that are made with fresh ingredients, which can be easily identified in every bite. Their steak Catalan burger is really good and a must try.

  • 8

    Smiths of Smithfield

    The best thing about their burgers is that the taste and the quality of the beef is never compromised here. Besides, Matured chedder topped beef burger at smiths of Smithfield restaurant’s second floor is surely a yummy burger to go for.

  • 9

    Honest burgers

    Honest burgers present brilliantly cooked meat burgers along with mature cheddar and several other fresh juicy toppings between finely baked buns. The taste of their burger will surely bring you back to this place again. The price ranges from £10 to £15.

  • 10

    Lucky Chip

    The burgers here are real treat for their customers. Lucky Chip is famous for their incredibly delicious burgers made with best taste and quality meat, buns and toppings. They have variety of yummy burgers including bacon cheese burger, the Danny Trejo, The Sheen, Selleck and The Chuck Noris.

  • 11

    The Burger bar

    Burger bar is a place where you can get the best burgers of your own choice. You are free to select the composition of your burger, from buns and meat to various sausages and toppings. Burger bar is really a perfect place for a picky person.

  • 12


    Byron hamburgers are truly delicious. Fresh and quality ingredients and well cooked beef patty. Their classic cheese burger is amazing and yummy to eat. Although not at cheap rates but the taste of burger here is worth paying.

  • 13

    Lucky seven

    They are known to serve the tastiest burgers in town. Their big, juicy and delish Kalfornian burger is what you will love this place for and will definitely ensure your future visit.

  • 14


    They provide their customers with the most complete burger which seems to be a meal itself and is enough to have as a full lunch. Despite of its appetizing value, the taste is this big juicy burger is also commendable.

  • 15

    The Wheatsheaf

    This is the best place serving delicious meals especially their burgers. Their bacon and cheese burger is simply yummy served at reasonable price.

  • 16

    The Eagle Bar

    They surprise their customers with the most innovative burgers with variety of scrumptious toppings and sausages. Amazingly delicious and truly artistic presentation of the burger which you would have never seen elsewhere is served here.

  • 17

    Meat Market

    Although not big in size, the burgers taste great. Their black palace burger is stupendous and a must try. At only £7.50 you will never find such a delicious and mouthwatering burger anywhere else but Meat Market.

  • 18

    Bread Street Kitchen

    Exceptionally well made burgers in bread street kitchen will surely satisfy your appetite. Their short rib burger comes at the top with its taste and presentation.

  • 19

    The Gun

    This place prepare burger in the art form that will compel you to grab that huge burger occupied with several layers of juicy and yummy toppings and take a big bite out of that mount of meat. The Gun is expensive but it is truly a place to go for a burger.

  • 20

    Meat Liqour

    As the name says, this place is loved for their liquor and meat. Their giant burger full of juicy meat and sausages are among the most wanted burgers in town. You can enjoy complete meat burger fun in £7.

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