List of Haberdashery Shops in London

Without haberdashery you cannot complete your lovely dresses. Nowadays there is a large variety of haberdashery available in London. The dresses are trimmed with various laces, buttons, fringes and beads, bias bindings, etc. The dresses can be lightened up with the different trims. You can obviously renew a dress with the help to latest fashion haberdashery. Take a close look into your local daily newspaper. You can also check the yellow pages directory of London and you will definitely find a good haberdashery shop in London. A dress can also be decorated with a lace on neckline and borders to enhance its appearance. You can also customise your jackets and coats with belts and buckles, specials letters and zips including original and fake leather trims.


  • 1

    All the fun of the fair

    Provides a large range of haberdashery in London and has a been serving its clients or a long time.

  • 2

    The Button Queen

    Is present in London for more than three decades and has to offer a wide range of haberdashery trimmings for its clients.

  • 3


    Is serving in the field since 1936 and has a large variety of accessories in London.

  • 4

    The Crafts Sewer

    Is has to offer a large variety of Haberdashery and even other things as jewellery making, machines, accessories, dress patterns, etc.

  • 5

    Temptation Alley

    Is situated in North End of London and has to offer about 15000 products. It was established in 1963.

  • 6

    Beyond Fabrics

    Is a contemporary design company since it started business in December 2005.

  • 7

    V V Rouleaux

    Was established in 1990 from a former flower shop. Since then its providers the most colourful collection in the haberdashery line up.

  • 8

    MacCulloch & Wallis

    Has to offer a wide range of fashion accessories and haberdashery items. You can get some best trimmings at the store.

  • 9

    Josy Rose

    Is offering a large variety of ribbons, collars, bead, lace, etc. You can get the trimmings you want form their outlets in London.

  • 10


    Is one of the well known shops in London and has been working to provide the latest collection to the customers.

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