Colindale Tube Station London

Colindale tube station is located in the suburbs of North London and falls under the Bourough of Barnet. The station consisting of 2 platforms was inaugurated in the August of 1924 and during the World War II the classic style building of the tube station was totally damaged. After that the station underwent several developmental programs and now it’s fully furnished with all the facilities, i.e. ticket halls, disabled assistance, washrooms and mobility help.

Currently the Colindale tube station serves Northern Line under fare zone 4 which connects it to Hendon station and the Burnt Oak station. In order to get into the station, you’ll need to follow the entrance from Colindale Avenue which also serves as exit point. Since the station is surrounded by many bars, coffee shops, beauty salons and educational institutes, traveling around can be real fun. Places to explore near Colindale Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops;

    Colindale tube station has many restaurants and coffee shops within one mile distance. These restaurants and coffee shops provide a great variety in their delicious menus.

    The Beaufort Pub and Dining
    McDonald's Restaurants
    Jakarta & Alma

    Coffee shops:
    Cafe Anglais
    Coffee Affair
    Cafe Anglais
    Starbucks Coffee Co.
    Costa Coffee
    De Paris

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    Clubs & Bars;
    The nightclubs and bars within one mile distance from Colindale tube station are enough to energize and enthrall the residents and the weary and tired commuters.
    The Beaufort Pub and Dining
    New Chandos
    McGowans Irish Bars
    Moon Under Water
    Kings Lounge

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    Hotels & Accommodations;
    If you intend to find accommodation close to the Colindale tube station then you will find only one hotel within walking distance from the underground station.
    SKC Hotels

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    Sights & Attractions;
    An art gallery, a museum and a couple of parks can be easily found within one mile distance from the Colindale metro station.

    Colindale Park

    Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA)
    Grahame Park
    Yusuf Contemporary Art

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    Schools & Colleges;

    London enjoys worldwide fame for its education. You can some really good educational institutes on walking distance from the subway station of Colindale.
    St James' Catholic High School
    Beis Yaakov Primary School
    The Orion Primary
    Barnet College

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    Gift & Bookshops;

    Just in the close proximity of the metro station of Colindale, you can find a few gift shops and bookstores, in case if reading is your hobby or you want to present some good stuff to your loved ones.

    Book shops:
    Sri Sathaya Sai Books

    Gift shops:
    99p Stores

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    Health & Beauty Services;
    Gyms, fitness centres and beauty salons have grown into a necessity in today's world. A couple of salons and a herbal stores adorn are nearby the Colindale subway station.

    Fitness clubs:
    Herbal Life

    Beauty Salons:
    Beauty and Comfort
    The Mambo's Hair & Beauty Salon

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    Emergency Services;
    Availability of emergency services near your residence or workplace is of utmost importance and so a fire station is present within one mile distance from the tube station.
    Hendon Fire Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics;

    Many clinics fill the area near the Colindale metro station of London Underground. You may easily find several clinics in the close proximity of station.

    Colindale Dental Practice
    Ophthalmic Surgery Centre (North London) Ltd
    Hendon Therapies Clinic
    Grahame Park Health Centre
    Stag Lane Medical Centre

    Colindale Hospital

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    Shopping Malls;

    Many renowned stores selling a good variety of products can be easily found in close proximity to the Colindale tube station.

    Asda Superstore
    Tesco Express
    Dreams &Wickes

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    Childcare Centres;
    Many good childcare centres are found close to the Colindale underground station. If you're a working parent and looking for some good childcare centre for your kid, here are few:

    Beaufort Park Early Care and Education Centre
    Joel Nursery
    Twisty Tails Nursery
    Grove Park Kindergarten

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