How to Get Monaco Tourist Visit Visa from London

Monaco, which is located between the Alpes and the Mediterranean Sea, offer its visitors a surreal journey that has been featured in many books and movies. Escapist venues like the Monte Carlo Casino await tourists who are looking to enjoy the high life. Any UK national or foreign national living in London, who wishes to visit Monaco and stay there for no more than a three month period, does not require any prior visa to enter into the state. All visas are granted upon arrival but travellers or tourists must possess the document mentioned below in order to get entry into this French territory. If the authorities grant you an entry visa at the immigration counter for Monaco then you are free to travel with in the territory. In order to get tourist visa for Monaco you must contact French embassy in London, as visa requirement for entry in to Monaco are same as of France.


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    To get to Monaco from London, first travellers need to contact French Consulate in London and fulfill all the requirements and below are the details of visa requirements at French consulate.

    a)      A valid passport or any acceptable travel document.

    b)      Applicant should be a resident of the UK (holders of ’C-Visit’ visas or holders of a British visa, which is valid for 6 months or less cannot apply).

    c)       In case France is the country of the first entry into the Schengen area and applicant have an intention to stay the same length in all countries during his or her trip, or

    d)      If French territory is not applicant’s main destination then, get in touch with the Consulate of the competent Schengen States. Click here to see contact details.

    e)      It is necessary that applicant, who have an intention to apply for the French visa should live close to the French Consulate in London. Residents of Isle of Man and Scotland should apply at the French Consulate in Edinburgh.

    For further details contact The Embassy of Monaco in London.

    The Embassy of Monaco

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    Supporting Documents

    To acquire the list of supporting documents of the desired visa you are applying for call on this number +44 845 7300 118 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am to 4.30pm to speak to an adviser.

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    Visa Application Form

    Make contact with French consulate in London in order to get the visa application form of France.

    French Embassy

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    Visa Fee

    The visa fee for short stay is €60. In case of countries represented by the French Consulate visas, the fee will be payable only in pound Sterling. The fee is subject to the exchange rate of the British Pound against the Euro. So, in pound it will vary between £45 and £60. For further details contact French embassy in London or click here.

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    Mode of Payment

    Nationalities represented by the French Consulate visas have to pay visa fee in pond sterling only. For further details contact French Consulate in London.

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    From the 15th of January 2012, French Consulate has made it compulsory for all applicants must appear in person in order to submit visa application and supporting documents, due to the forthcoming introduction of biometric visas. TLS contact centre will not accept applications by post. Appointments are compulsory therefore, reserve one by calling +44 845 7300 118 from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

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    Processing Time

    Processing time will vary as per the applicant’s nationality and the types of visa. For exact information on visa processing, get in touch with French Embassy in London.

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    Collect Visa

    Once the visa is approved by the French Embassy, passports are returned to TLS contact which will then send you a text or electronic message. Without any written confirmation do not visit TLS contact centre.

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    Check List

    i. Valid Passport
    ii. Travel documents
    iii. Travel ID
    iv. Valid return ticket
    v. All necessary luggage

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    Things Tourist are Allowed to Carry With Them

    Tourist can take a rucksack or a light travelling bag so when they buy small items so it wouldn’t become hard for them to carry along when walking around Monaco. Also tourist can bring along with them toiletries and their medical supplies (in case they are on some medication). You can also take cameras with you to capture photos. Other miscellaneous items include map, guide book, mobile phone, battery charger, iPod, mp3 player etc.

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