List of Best Cafes in London

Cafes in London serve a number of different drinks, snacks and food items. Some cafes specialize in coffee, teas and other hot beverages, while some locations are well known for their snacks, sandwiches and other dishes. Sometimes cafes are not famous for the items on their menu but for the views of teh river Thames or other landmarks in London. Calling just one venue the best cafe in London is probably unfair because each cafe serves up their own specialities. In order to sample the unique flavours and offerings of the different cafes in London, visitors and residents should try them at least once before making up their minds. London’s extensive range of cafes are sure to please customers of a wide variety of tastes and preferences.


  • 1

    Ace Cafe London

    This classic cafe is one of London's most well known high way cafes. A big part of the motorcycle culture of the city, this cafe offers not only great food but also a chance to experience the rock and roll life style.

  • 2

    Cafe OTO

    This unique venue has a large cafe that faces a performance stage where live musical acts showcase their talents seven days a week. This upbeat cafe opened its doors in 2008 and has brought to the limelight musicians that are out of the mainstream.

  • 3

    Bar Italia

    This authentic Italian cafe has been serving up coffee and cappuccinos since 1949. The family run business has a secret coffee blend and a traditional way of preparing their hot beverages giving the drinks a superior taste.

  • 4


    Inspired by classic Bombay Cafes, Dishoom has brought the authentic Indian experience to London. The venue serves many tea and many dishes that are part of Indian life and are open from breakfast to lunch.

  • 5

    The Walpole

    Locally owned, The Walpole is an all British affair. The menu serves many English favourites including a breakfast and lunch meny that will offer big portions and small prices.

  • 6

    The Table

    An award winning venue, The Table has grabbed reputation as one of the best Brunch menus in the city. The little cafe serves food, coffee and other items to eager customers who can enjoy live jazz and funk music on weekends.

  • 7

    Flat White

    Located in Soho, the cafe tries to recreate the artisan style coffee found in Australia and New Zealand. The cafe's claim to fame is its espresso which is considered the best in the area. The menu also includes lunch and breakfast items.

  • 8

    Riba Cafe

    The cafe is actually located in the Royal Institute of British Architects building and serves a number of different coffees, teas and snacks. They also provide lunch and hot food items. The amazing setting of the cafe is a major attraction for customers.

  • 9

    Poetry cafe

    Located on the premises of the The Poetry Society, Poetry Cafe offers up snacks, beverages, breakfast and lunch to aspiring poets. The cozy atmosphere is usually filled up with artistic types looking to relax and write.

  • 10

    The Troubadour Club

    The Troubadour Club is a historic gem and is the last remaining cafes in Earls Court form the 50's. The venue is famous for hosting some of the most famous artists of previous generations and stands for peace and creativity.

  • 11

    Bonnington Cafe

    The cafe is a co-operatively run vegetarian venue that is functional since 1980's. The cafe tries to provide cheap home cooked vegan dishes to the people of the community.

  • 12

    InSpiral Lounge

    Another vegetarian cafe, InSpiral Lounge offers unique food for people who want to try something different. They specialize in raw food, vegan dishes and an over all healthy diet. The venue also hosts open-mic night.

  • 13

    Scandinavian Kitchen

    People looking for Scandinavian cuisine in the British capital should go no further than this venue. The delicatessen is the first of its kind in London and serves open sandwiches, pickled herring and other delights from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

  • 14

    Lido Cafe

    Located in Hyde park, offering sensational and eye catching views of the water from its out door seating area. The summer months see the venue packed as customers eat breakfast. lunch and dinner along with their coffee or tea.

  • 15

    Bea's of Bloomsbury Cakes

    Getting inspiration from American baking, this cafe serves up some great cakes. They also have savoury items that can fill in as a quick breakfast or lunch.

  • 16

    Cafe 1001

    The venue provides a modern setting for home made cakes and other snacks. The delicious coffee and food is all free of preservatives and is made on site.

  • 17


    The Brew Cafe loves serving fresh, locally grown foo. The innovative menu is based on the season and breakfast, lunch or brunch is accompanied by their great tasting coffee.

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