List of Trendy Nightclubs in London

London is world renowned for its exciting night-life. In the saturated nightclub market there are some venues that attract huge crowds and stay on customers most wanted list. With lines stretching around the block, these trendy nightclubs in London have something that others don’t. Whether its the artistic interior, celebrity guests or unique music, these trendy nightclubs are able to set them selves apart from the competition. Some popular locations have been around for many years while some are recent entries into the club scene. If you are in search of a great night out for this weekend, browse our list of trendy nightclubs in London to help you start making your plans.


  • 1

    333 Club, is an interesting venue which sports a traditional pub on the ground floor and a bar/club on the first floor. The 333 club starts off as a sports bar and converts into a cocktail lounge later in the night.

  • 2

    Cafe Oto, is a trendy location that showcases new music and bands. The venue works as a cafe int he morning but converts into a bar later in the evening. The live experimental music is a major attraction.

  • 3

    EGG Nightclub, is a popular club that has five dance floors and features international DJ's. They have a 24-hour liquor license for their stylish location.

  • 4

    RS Lounge, is a luxury lounge bar and club. The venue offers Mediterranean cuisine in the day and then transforms into a dance club at night.

  • 5

    Passing Clouds,  is an artsy retreat that is run by volunteers. It features artists, film shoots and DJ music.

  • 6

    Proud Camden, is former stable for sick horses that has been turned into a club for rock music lovers. It also has live bands play to packed houses.

  • 7

    The Valmont Club, is a 300 person night club that serves cocktail accompanied by great music in their great looking location.  

  • 8

    Punk, is a well known night club in Soho. The venue is known for its funky interior and celebrity customers.

  • 9

    Bar Rumba, is Piccadilly best kept club secret with an basement venue filled to the doors with party goers on most nights. Good music and drinks keep the club going all night.

  • 10

    Metra, is a happening club that hosts numerous celebrity parties, shoots and guests. Open late seven nights a week, the warm ambiance of the venue give party goers a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy with friends.

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