How to Get Nicaragua Tourist Visit Visa from London

Nicaragua is a Central American country which is bordered by Honduras, Costa Rica and Caribbean Sea. British tourists are always fascinated by Lake Nicaragua which is World’s 19th largest lake and presents a grand view. Tourists also love to trek the rainforests that have a very vast variety of bird and wildlife species in addition to their picturesque landscape. Tourist always have a great time Swimming and snorkeling in the waters and laying back in the beach resorts of Nicaragua. The Culture of Nicaragua has strong Iberian roots making it ever more fascinating to the tourists. For those tourists coming from London, the Step by Step How to Get Nicaragua Tourist Visit Visa from London is a great start to an awesome vacation in Nicaragua.

Visit: Nicaraguan Consulate & Embassy


  • 1

    British citizens

    British Citizens do not need a visa to enter Nicaragua for a stay up to 30 days. The minimum passport validity requirement is at least 6-months from your date of entry. A tourist card is issued upon entry which costs around USD 10.

    Other nationalities

    Citizens of following nations have to acquire a visa before entering in Nicaragua.

    Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Armenia, Asmara Eritrea, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Congo (Democratic Republic), Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Korea (Rep), Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Jamahiriya, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Timor (East), Vietnam and Yemen, Palestine.

  • 2

    Visa Requirements

    Documents required for the visa are mentioned below.

    (a) A Valid passport along with a photocopy of passport
    (b) Completed and signed application form
    (c) Two passport-size photographs
    (d) Visa Fee
    (e) Onward or return ticket and all travel related documents needed for previous and next destination.
    (f) Proof of adequate funds to finance your stay (e.g. latest bank statements)

  • 3

    Submission of visa

    You have to personally visit the embassy of Nicaragua to apply for a visa to Nicaragua. You can make a call before leaving to make an appointment.

  • 4

    Processing time and Fee

    Processing time
    The processing time taken by the Nicaraguan Embassy to issue the visa is 4 to 6 weeks.

    Visa Fee
    The visa fee is around GBP 13  with an additional GBP 3.16 for the payment of form. however, it is recommended to contact the embassy to know the updated fee.

  • 5

    Collection of Visa

    You will be required to visit the Embassy of Nicaragua for the collection of your passport after visa processing is done.

  • 6

    Final checklist of items to take along

    The tourists must have the following  items to take along with them.

    a) All documents mentioned in step 2

    b) Bug repellents

    c) Sun screen, sunhats, sunglasses

    d) Complete information about your accommodation in Nicaragua

    e) Maps of various locations in Nicaragua

  • 7

    Tips and Precautions for tourists before visiting Nicaragua

    The following precautions are suggested for a safe visit.

    a) Visit your physician to take vaccines or immunizations.

    b) Confirm any Hurricane news from weather forecasts.

    c) Check with your insurance company about their travel insurance coverage

    d) Passport must be carried all the time (while traveling into the country).

    e) You are not allowed to work on a tourist visa.

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