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Birbeck University of London serves as a component college under the supervision of federal University of London. University primarily focuses on part-time undergraduate courses but in recent years, it has increased its domain to full-time postgraduate and research degrees. It also offers many professional diplomas and short courses to both full-time and part-time students in morning and evening classes. Its research degrees are spreading in the field of history, philosophy, history of art, and other disciplines of Arts & Humanities. University has well reputed scholars and professors in its faculty. Times magazine ranked it 149th in the list of top 500 universities of the World in 2011-2012. Currently, it enrols more than 19000 students and use about £3 million budget  in a year to provide complete facilities for curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Birbeck University of London Campus Map


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    Undergraduate Degrees:

    University offers an extensive list of degrees at undergraduate level. It includes Commerce, Business, Engineering, Medical, History, Science, Social Sciences, Journalism and various other disciplines. It also offers web-designing and work-based learning at undergraduate level. Find complete list of  undergraduate programs at Birbeck University London.

    Postgraduate Courses:

    It provides facility to undergraduate students to extend their studies in specialised field. You can find complete list of Postgraduate courses offered at Birbeck University London.

    Research Studies:

    With some exceptions, university offers research based degree in various range of fields. It offers M-Phil in various subjects of Arts and Humanities, Medical, Communications, History and other major Science and Arts subjects. You can get complete list of available Research Degrees at Birbeck University.

    Certificates and Short Courses:

    University has many courses for professional people. It offers certificate courses in its all branches. A Complete list of available short courses is accessible here.

    Distance Learning Study:

    Apart from studies in campus, university also offers distance learning courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. To get complete information about the available courses, you can check out this link.

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    How to Apply:

    Apply Online

    If you want to apply any of the available courses in the University, you can apply online in the respective course by visiting "Apply Online" link on course detail page.

    Apply in Person

    Alternatively, you can contact the Enquiry department of the Birbeck University, or follow this link. You can also order prospectus.

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    Fees, Finance & Funding:

    Fee Structure

    All Union Members are offered 10% discount on tuition fee. All other national and international students of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, certificate courses and short diplomas are required to pay their full unless they qualify for a scholarship. Complete fee structure is provided at this link. All fees should be paid in Pound sterling.

    Scholarships and Rewards

    Birkbeck University of London offers various scholarships to International students. University grant funding to encourage academic achievements of students and to help them continue their studies at international level without hurdles. Some of the popular scholarships and studentships are listed below. Find details about Scholarships offered by Birbeck University London.

    Most notable Scholarships offered by the university are:

    (a).   Commonwealth Scholarships
    (b).   Jason Schone Award
    (c).    Jean Franco Research Studentships
    (d).   Law Taught Postgraduate Fee Awards for Master’s Students
    (e).   Ronnie Warrington Studentships

    Student Loans

    Birkbeck University guides American and Canadian students in their quest to find loan. US Department of Education recognises Birkbeck University to certify loan application for the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan Program for the US Students. University also advise those students who wish to apply for Canadian federal or Provicial student loans.

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    Facilities at Birbeck University:

    Educational facilities such as conservation & art preservation lab, libraries, computer centres, research units and many other facilities of high standards are provided to students. University also provides facilities for extra-curricular activities. These include sports grounds, indoor stadiums, pools, gyms and parking. The University also provide accommodation and counseling services to both international and national students.

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    Birbeck University Campuses:

    Main office of the Birbeck University is located at Mallet Street.  For all other campuses, you can check out interactive map by visiting this link.

    Birbeck University, Central London Campus
    Address: Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HX, United Kingdom View Map
    Cotnact: +44 20 7631 6335

    School of Oriental and African Studies,University of London
    Address: Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, United Kingdom View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7637 2388

    Birkbeck/UCL Centre for Neuroimaging
    Address: 26 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AP, United Kingdom View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7079 0815

    SOAS, University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies)
    Address: Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, United Kingdom View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7898 4908 ‎

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    Contact Numbers of Birbeck University:

    All those students, who live in the United Kingdoms, can physically visit Birbeck University. They can also contact University's main office by telephone or email. All International students should contact university by telephone or email.

    Main Switch Telephone:+44 20 7631 6000

    Residence Office

    Telephone: +44 20 7631 6316
    Email: studentservices@

    International Office


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    How to Get to Birbeck University:

    Bu Tube:

    University can easily be reached by train or metro service. Euston Square station is just a minute's walk from university. After leaving station, walk southeast on Gower Street towards Grafton Way for two minutes. The University’s main gate will be on your right. View Map

    By Bus:

    As main campus of university is located on the busy Mallet Street, it can be reached by a number of bus services. Bus numbers 10, 14, 29, 73, 134, 390, N5, N20, N29, N73 and N253 drop you at Chenies Street (Stop D) which is just beside the Main campus of University.

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