Shepherd Market London

A small square town was constructed by a famous architecture, Edward Shepherd back in 1735, where a nice range of shops, pubs and restaurants were established. This small piazza, which was named as the Shepherd Market, is positioned between Curzon Street and Piccadilly. In initial days before its establishment as Shepherd Market, a popular fair used to take place there that was mainly for the purpose of cattle trading. But eventually Queen Anne  ended the festival, and Edward was commissioned to gentrify and develop the entire site into a new place. Later on in the 1920’s, the market was turned in to a highly modish place of London which accomplished in grabbing the lime light. The elite Londoners considered this market as the best selling place, which was yet another reason due to which this piazza acquired an enterprising reputation. After so many years, Shepherd market has still sustained its distinctive position, among several other shopping malls of London.

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    Things to do at Shepherd Market:

    Unlike other shopping centers and malls, Shepherd Market is not situated in a several storey building. The entire market is located in a street, where all possible facilities are available. With time, a variety of brands and things which come in daily use have been introduced at the shops.


    Quite a lot of restaurants are also available within the piazza. If you are feeling exhausted after spending hours in shopping, then make a choice from the list of restaurants given below in order to rest and enjoy a tasty meal:

    The Little Square, L'autre Polish-Mexican, Le Boudin Blanc Restaurant, Al Hamra Restaurant, Iran Restaurant, Sofra Restaurant, Misto Café, L'Artiste Muscle Restaurant, The Old Express Restaurant , Da Corradi Restaurant , The Market Brasserie, Mayfair Tandoori Restaurant, Pizza Rotti Restaurant, Caffe In & Piccolo Bar Café.

    Pubs and Bars:

    Some traditional pubs and bars are also available at the Shepherd Market where you can enjoy a fresh mug of beer or a classic glass of wine.

    Ye Grapes, The King's Arms, The Market Tavern & Shepherds Tavern.

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    Operational Hours of Shepherd Market:

    Except for Sunday, the market is open from Monday till Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. On Saturday, the closing time is the same as other days but it opens at 10:00 am.

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    Nearest Attractions:

    Shepherd Market, being one of the oldest shopping street of London, itself is a huge landmark of London. But there are some sites and attractions which are located in the vicinity of the market.

    Green Park, Wellington Arch, Spencer House, St James's Palace, Ripley's Believe It Or Not! London, St James's Church, Piccadilly Market, The Royal Academy of Arts & Buckingham Palace.

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    Location of Shepherd Market:

    Shepherd Market, London, Greater London W1J 7PH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Shepherd Market:

    By Tube:

    Green Park Station is within a short distance from the market. The distance between the two locations is 0.3 mile that can be covered in 5 minutes if you walk. In the southeast direction on Piccadilly/A4, you will have to start walking until you reach White horse St. Then take a right turn to head towards Shepherd Market. You can take a look at the route map from this link.

    By Bus:

    5 minutes walk is required to cover the distance between the market and Belgravia, Old Park Lane Hard Rock Cafe (Stop D) bus stop. If you wish to travel by a bus, then take route number 14, 19, 22, 38, N19 and N38 that make a stop at this station.

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