How to Dress like a Londoner

When an individual moves in a particular city, there are a few customs and traditions that he needs to be adept towards to settle in. The same way, if you’re in London, you should dress like a Londoner to gain a true sense of the city and mingle in with the crowd! London, like many other capitals in the world, hosts a number of different styles, from Punk to Indie Fashionistas. But there is a distinctive dress code that is adhered to amongst most Londoners. However, in the end it matters not what you wear, but HOW you wear it. Flaunt your dress with confidence and style and it will become a fashion symbol. Lady Gaga, anyone?


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    Sift through magazines that cater to the London audience, and observe what’s in fashion. Also, look around you and observe the street fashion that’s in these days. Just visit a mall and see what people are wearing to get a feel of what’s being followed.

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    One of the best things about big cities is that you can wear anything and still pull it off. There is no particular dress code that is followed. However, try and not be too over the top!

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    If women want to put make up on for the night out, keep it minimalistic.  Sometimes less is more! Be neat and keep your skin fresh.

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    Since London has a cold climate, wear body fitting clothes so as you add layers of sweaters/jackets on, it doesn’t show on that perfect body you’ve been working out for!

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    Accessories push your attire up a notch. Purses, bracelets and scarves are a great idea to be in the Londoner’s list.

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    Stick to black. If Londoner’s are famous for something, it is for boasting of a wardrobe filled with black clothes!

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