Old Street Tube Station London

Located on the Northern Lines Bank branch, Old Street tube station contains stops for both National Rail and the London Underground service. The tube stop is surrounded by the London Borough of Islington, which is known for its theaters, contemporary cultural scene and Emirates Stadium. The deep level Old Street Tube station was constructed in 1901 by City & South London Railway and got a much needed addition of escalators in 1920s. By the end of 1969 the station was given another facelift as a sub surface station and escalators were added. Currently, the station has 8 entrances and exits. Four of them are located on Old Street, while the remaining 4 are on City Road. All of these lead to the ticketing hall and allow further access to the 4 platforms in the station. Around 1.3 million commuters used to pass through the station every year, also have other facilities at their disposal including bathrooms, services for the physically disabled and baby changing booths. Places to explore near Old Street Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    The Old Street tube stop is located on a round-about that is perfect for restaurants and coffee shops because of easy access and nice views. That is why several eateries exist only a few feet away from the underground entrance.

    Nincomsoup, Life, Pinchitotapas

    Coffee Shops:
    Shoreditch Grind, Starbucks Coffee

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    Clubs & Bars

    The hip neighbouhood of Islington is very famous for its interesting nightlife. For visitors looking for a good time at unique bars and clubs, Old Street tube station is the right stop, because there are some excellent venues located in its suburbs.

    Night Clubs:
    Nightjar, Club Aquarium, McQueen

    Old Fountain, The Princess of Shoreditch

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    Getting a hotel room in central London is a good idea for businessmen and tourists, looking to stay close to all the main venues in the city. Old Street tube station has several good options close by that offer visitors all these advantages.

    The Hoxton Hotel, Premier Inn London City (Old Street), Holiday Inn Express Hotel London City, Travelodge, langham Apartments

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    Sights and Attractions

    Being located in Central London gives Old Street station the enviable position of being very close to some of London's famous landmarks. Visitors looking for sights and attractions will find some great venues for tourists at a couple of minutes walk from the tube stop.

    Tourist Attractions:
    Wesley's Chapel, Shell Old Street, The City Arts & Music Project, Saint Luke's Garden, Bunhill Fields, Geffrye Museum

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    Educational Institutes

    Most colleges and schools in London are established in areas that have an easy access to public transport and are in a central location. Therefore, Old Street station has also numerous colleges with a 1 mile radius of its platforms.

    Cass Business School, Britannia College Of Excellence, Oxbridge College of Information Technology and Management,Hackney Community College

    LSO St. Luke's

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Reading a book on a long tube or train journey is a good way to spend the time. Most commuters going through Old Street underground station can easily find books or gift shops to purchase the latest novel or magazine quite easily, because there are numerous retailers available close to the station.

    Book shop:
    Camden Lock Bookshop, Bookart Bookshop, Artwords Bookshop

    Gift Shop:
    Rosebud Trading, Serenata Flowers Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services

    It can be hard to maintain your looks and physique while you have to sit in an office all day. There is a solution though, since many health and beauty venues are located close to Old Street tube station. Commuters can easily make their way to any of the location on their way to or from work.

    Fitness First, The CityPoint Club

    Chariots, Spa Nail

    Eshk Hoxton Hair Salon

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    Emergency Services

    An emergency can occur any where and commuters on the tube should be aware of all emergency services near by, Old Street underground station has several poilce and fire stations in one mile range.

    Police Stations:
    Shoreditch Police Station, City Of London Police (Snow Hill), City Of London Police (Wood Street)

    Fire Stations:
    Shoreditch Fire Station, St Luke's, Shoreditch Fire Station (EC1) (Stop K)

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    Hospitals & clinics

    Medical check-up appointments and clinic visits are a part of life because everyone gets sick. In order to make visits more convenient, locating a hospital on the way to work is a good idea because it saves time. You can easily and quickly access a number of hospitals and clinics in a close proximity to Old Street Tube station.

    Moorfields Eye Hospital (City Road), St Bartholomew's Hospital, St. Leonard's Hospital

    City Road Medical Centre, Old Street Dental Clinic

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    Shopping Malls

    Shopping for household and personal items can be tough while working full time. One way to save time is to locate shopping mall close to your work or home. If you live or are employed close to Old Street station, then you have a choice of some of the best shopping malls in the area.

    Shopping Malls:
    Spitalfields Market, Boxpark, One New Change Shopping Centre, N1 Islington 

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    Childcare Centres

    While looking for a child care centre near Old Street underground station always make sure to interview the other parents. You should also check for certifications and government licenses to make sure the facilities and business is complying with government standards.

    Child care center:
    Newpark Childcare Centre

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