How To Get Parking Permits In London

The population density in London is extremely high; this leaves little room for residents to park cars on the streets. The situation can get worse if visitors from other areas park their vehicles in the same street. To keep things organized and give parking benefits to residents, London uses Parking Permits. Easily readable parking permit, which is displayed on the car’s windshield, allows a vehicle to be parked in a certain area or street. This prohibits drivers from other areas to park their vehicle in the same location and crowding the area. In most cases, cars that do not display proper parking permits are ticketed or in some cases towed. If you live in London and would like to apply for a parking permit, follow the step by step guide below.


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    Local Councils

    The parking permit schemes in London are not controlled by a central body. Instead, local councils are in charge of processing and distributing the permits. This is also the reason why rules and regulations that apply to parking permits can vary from council to council. It is always best to consult the local council that is in charge of your area to get the right details. You can use this tool to locate the correct council and related information for the parking permits.

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    Local Councils can have different requirements for eligibility of Parking Permits. Most councils ask that applicants should be residents of the area. They will issue parking permits for cars, vans or motorcycles only.

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    Benefits of Parking Permits

    Before you apply for a permit, make sure you understand what exactly a permit will allow you to do. In most cases, a parking permit will give you the permission to park your car in an area that is specifically reserved for parking permit holders. Parking in other places will depend on first come, first serve basis.

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    Applying for a Permit

    You can apply for a permit online using the Parking Permit tool. It will first identify your local council and then send you the parking permit application form. Make sure you have all the correct documents required by the local council beforehand.

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    Disabled Parking Permit

    Blue Badge scheme parking permits are used for disabled drivers. These permits allow drivers to park for two hours in most of the areas where parking permit is required. If you are intending to apply for a blue badge scheme, click here.

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    Visitor Parking Permit

    When residents receive their parking permits, they usually also get visitor parking permits. This lets people who are visiting resident park on the street and not get ticketed. It is usually the residents' responsibility to give and take back the permit from their visitor.

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