How to Get Philippines Tourist Visit Visa from London

Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is consisted on numerous islands and well-known due to its tropical maritime climate which is normally hot and humid. The country offers the visitors wonderful opportunities for having great fun. That’s why every year thousands of newly married couples and other visitors take their way to this wonderland. If you are living in London and planning to visit this beautiful country, you are required to have a visiting visa. Step by Step brings you the process of getting visit visa of Philippines from obtaining the application form to the reception of visa.

Visit: Philippine Embassy


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    Application Form

    Application form can be obtained from the embassy of Philippines in London. It can also be downloaded from their website. To download the visit visa application form of Philippines click here.

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    a) Completed Non-Immigrant Visa application form
    Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines and a
    c) photocopy of its data page
    Proof of financial capability to assure the maintenance of bona fide tourist status during the intended
    e) stay in the Philippines
    f) Proof of address e.g. utility bills
    g) purpose of visit
    h) One passport photograph 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm
    i) Other documents that may be required by the consular officer

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    £22 for British passport holders
    Application fee - Php 2,000.00
    Legal Research Fee - 20.00
    Express Lane Fee - 500.00
    Payments should be made either in British postal money order or bank draft (payable to the Philippine Embassy). Personal cheques are not accepted.

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    Submission of Application Forms

    The application can be submitted in person and via postal orders.  For postal service you need a stamped, self addressed and registered envelope must be included with an application submitted by mail. Applications filed by post must be verified by a notary public or any commissioner of oath.
    Applications filed by post should be addressed to:

    The Visa Section Philippine Embassy
    6-8 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG

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    Processing time

    Generally the processing time for temporary visitor’s visa application takes two- to three-working days. For those applications needing clearance from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, processing may take one to two months. Collection time is from 4 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday except bank , UK and Philippines holidays. Processing time for the mailed-in application will take 3 working days from the day or application reception.

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    Receive visa

    In the last step you are required to receive the visa by the same channel you have applied for it after completion of visa processing time.

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