List of Bangladeshi Restaurants in London

Most Londoners’ favourite foods includes curry, tandoori and balti. Interestingly, these popular dishes have their origins in Bangladeshi cuisine. With a huge population of people from the Sub Continent living in London, a Bengali restaurant can be found in most locations across the city. However, Brick Lane is the center of the Bangladeshi residents of London and some of the most popular and most authentic restaurants can be found there. In some cases Indian restaurants also serve Bengali food on their menu. If you are looking for the best list of Bangladeshi restaurants in London then our line up is going to send you on a gastronomical journey that will please any curry connoisseur out there.


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    Hason Raja, is considered one of the best Bangladeshi restaurants in London. The award winning venue is well known for its tandoori and curries.

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    Sheba, is another award winning Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant that is located in Bricklane. They specialize in Tandoori, Balti and seafood. With several awards to its name, the 30 year old eatery is still a crowd pleaser.

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    Sheraz Bangla Lounge, is found at the start of Brick Lane and is an icon in the Bangladeshi community residing there. The restaurant has a delicious menu that is prepared using authentic techniques and fresh local produce. It also offers the venue for religious services.

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    Aladin Brick Lane, has established itself as the go to place for curry. With high profile kudos from Prince Charles himself and a spot on BBC's 'World's Best Curry Restaurants', the Bangladeshi venue is a must-eat for any curry lover.

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    Kolapata, is a new crop of Bangladeshi restaurants emerging in London. The food is exquisite and the taste is sophisticated, making it a favorite of foodies all over the city.

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    Brick Lane Clipper, is an Indian restaurant that also serves Bengali fare. The well furnished venue is a popular spot for a night out for curry and balti lovers.

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    Bangladesh Curry Mahal Restaurant, is a low key curry joint that has grown in popularity over the years. It offer economical pricing and is a favorite among the Bengali community living in London.

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    Dacca Tandori , is located in London theater district and is walking distance from several theaters. Its late hours make a firm favorite of theater goers as an after show dinner spot.

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    Cafe Naz, is a chain of restaurants that specializes in sub-continental cuisine. Their Bangladeshi tandoori and curries are very popular with customers.

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    Meraz Cafe, has been around since the first immigrants from Bangladesh and India started establishing themselves in London. The food is a reminder of home for many patrons and is a frequent stop for many residents of London.

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