How to Get a House on Sharing Basis in London

Renting an entire house in a metropolis like London can drain all your earnings every month, especially if the person is living alone or don’t have a big family. Therefore, small families, single person and students prefer to reside in a house on sharing basis, as this aid them to save a lot of money. However, it is not an easy task to find a perfect place on sharing basis in London, because you will find a lot of people running after sharing residences that have low rental fee and also possess all facilities. So, for your assistance you can consult this step by step guide to acquire a house on sharing basis in London.


  • 1

    Determine Requirements

    (a) How much rent you can pay for a house on sharing basis?

    (b) How much space you need in a house on sharing basis in London?

    (c) Which location in the city best suits you?

    (d) You want upper portion or ground floor?

    (e) Require car parking space or not?

    (f) You would like to have new house or a revamp will be fine?

  • 2

    Contact a Real Estate Dealer

    Contact a reputed real estate agent or dealer, as they have list of properties that are available for rent, some of them are given below:

    (a) Marsh & Parsons

    (b) Knight Frank

    (c) Foxtons Islington Estate Agents

    While dealing with a real estate agent, lay down your requirements in front of him or her including the rental fee you can afford to give. Your list of requirement will help real estate agent in locating the type of house on sharing basis in London which is close to your requirement.

  • 3

    Search Online

    Online search is an alternative to real estate agent, if a person does not want the services of a property dealer.

    (a) Visit Cheap Rooms in London Website

    (b) Visit Room Ads Website

    (c) Visit House Share Website

  • 4

    Search Newspaper

    There is a third option as well to find house on sharing basis, that is ads published in local newspapers. Get a fresh newspaper from nearest newspaper stand.

    (a) Visit The Sun Website

    (b) Visit The Times Website

    (c) Visit The Sunday Times Website

  • 5

    Short List

    Short-list three or four house on sharing basis ads that meets your requirements and then make your mind up which of them is best for you.

  • 6

    Make Offer

    Then, make an offer to the property-owner, whose ads fits your requirement. Don’t forget to keep the advance rent ready because if the owner accepts your offer then, you have to deposit that amount after the concluding all legal formalities. Moreover, as a tenant you also need to provide couple of personal references, credit history (if any) and bank statements, as usually landlord demand these things before renting out their property.

  • 7

    Hire a Solicitor/Lawyer

    To handle the legal formalities you will need the services of a solicitor or lawyer, who will take care of all the legal papers on your behalf.

    (a) The International Law Partnership Ltd

    (b) TJM Law

    (c) Lester Dominic Solicitors

  • 8


    After performing all important legal formalities, you will deposit few months’ rent in advance along with security, bank statement, credit history (if any) and list personal references as demanded by the owner of the property, after that you will be allowed to take the possession of house on sharing basis.

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