Public Transport Safety Tips for London

Travelling in personal cars has now become a luxury for most, and people prefer to use public transport to go from one destination to the other. Not only is the public transport system of London reliable in terms of the time taken to reach places, but is also a cost-effective transport medium compared to keeping a personal car.

However, the downside to using public transport is lack of flexibility and security concerns. Reports of muggings in public transport, instances of harassment and theft are common. While this doesn’t mean you should quit using public transport, you should certainly take more care and follow the guidelines here for public transport safety in London.




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    Get to the station on time

    If you're traveling at night or in the evening, you should confirm the timing of the bus or tube before you reach the station to make sure you're not too early or late and don't have to end up waiting there.

    Most crimes take place while commuters wait at stations alone, especially at night.

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    Stay among the crowd and in well-lit areas

    If it is dark and you have to wait for your transport, stay near the crowd and stick to well-lit areas. Do not sit alone, stand in the dark or near corners.

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    Keep valuables inside your pockets or bag

    Most people get their iPhones, iPads and iPods snatched because they are in plain sight and clearly visible. While you have the right to use your property as you wish, you should consider your surroundings and take reasonable steps to protect yourself.

    If you are traveling alone and at night, keep your valuables inside your pockets or in your bag. Don't flaunt them and don't invite trouble.

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    Sit in the lower area if you take the Double-decker

    When traveling alone and using the double-decker bus, you should stick to the lower deck, which has a better public view and proximity to the driver. The upper deck can be unsafe, especially for women, during the night.

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    Travel with friends or colleagues

    Using public transport is always safer with friends or colleagues. If you are leaving work for instance, you might want to wait for colleagues who go the same way as you. Similarly, you can go around with your friends, especially in the evening, to make sure none of you are unsafe.

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    Contact the British Transport Police

    The British Transport Police (BTP) is tasked with policing the London Underground and ensuring the safety of all passengers. You can contact them on 0800 40 50 40 or send a text message on 61016 to report a crime or an incident.

    If there is an emergency, call 999.

    Visit their official website here.

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    Transport for London safety guide

    Transport for London (TFL) also has a safety guide on their website along with other helpful information. You can check out their guide here.

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