How To Report HighwaysRoads And Pavements Problems In London

While travelling on the roads or highways we may experience cracks and potholes, a missing manhole or a tree or branch bent over the road. We may also come across certain other problems like an oil spill on the road, a dead animal, a broken sign board / traffic bollard or a barrier/padestrian rail being placed out of its original position. These problems can cause serious accidents, hamper the flow of traffic and are a great nuisance to the travelers. As responsible citizens of the society, we must take a little pain and do what is required of us by reporting the problem to the concerned authority.


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    Roads managed by Transport for London

    Many roads are being managed by Transport for London ( TfL ) and are called "Red routes". Red routes are marked clearly with red signs and red parking restriction lines. If a highway or road is in a red route and you want to report a problem related to it, then use the telephone number given below.

    Contact: +44 845 305 1234

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    Roads managed by Local Councils

    Most of the roads are managed by the specific local council of a particular area. If unsure about the local council of a specific area, then click here. You may use any of the below given methods to report the problems to that local council.

    - Telephone
    - Email
    - Fax
    - Online report form (if available on the local council's website)

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    Informing about the problem

    Your reporting may include the below given points or areas.

    - Street / road name and area location
    - Location on the street for example the nearby house number, crossing or junction
    - Details of the problem or damage

    You may also include the date or time of damage, name of the person, or vehicle registration number which was responsible for damage as well as the fact that whether the police was in present around at that time or not.

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