How to Get Liechtenstein Tourist Visit Visa from London

Liechtenstein is tiny landlocked country between Switzerland in the West and Austria to the East. It is recognized as the smallest but richest German Speaking country in the world. Its Schengen status makes it an interesting site for British Tourists because they have easy access to snowy mountains and picterusque villages. Liechtenstein has also become a popular winter sports destination. Famous tourist sites include Gutenberg Castle, Vaduz Castle, Royal architecture of the Government buildings, Schulenburg Castle, the Grauspitz Mountain, the Red house, Schaan Church and Liechtenstein National Museum. Tourists from London are only a few hours away from all the magic of the country and its people. For a tour to Liechtenstein full of enjoyment and exciting experiences, visitors must first apply for a Liechtenstein Tourist Visit Visa from London. Once they have a valid visa, the entire country is open for their enjoyment.


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    Nature of Visa

    The Switzerland Embassy in London is responsible for the issue of Liechtenstein Visa since both the countries share the same entry requirements for people residing in the UK. The visa issued will be a Schengen visa. The citizens of the UK and Schengen countries do not require Visa to enter Liechtenstein.

    Visit: Switzerland Embassy in London, United Kingdom

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    Visa Requirements

    Foreign nationals residing in United Kingdom are required to present following documents in order to get a Schengen Visa from Switzerland Embassy in London.

    a) Carefully completed and signed application form.
    b) 2 recent passport size color photographs not older than 6 months and meeting the requirements of Schengen countries.
    c) Original Passport with at least 3 months validity beyond requested stay in Liechtenstein and its photocopy.
    d) Photocopy of National identity card.
    e) Last 3 months bank statement confirming the sufficient amount of funds in your account. Neither cash, nor bank letters will be accepted for this purpose.
    f) For applicants who are minors, a full birth certificate and the written consent of both parents as well as the copies of the signed parental passports are required.
    g) Flight itinerary with a copy of return air ticket.
    h) Proof of travel insurance up to a minimum amount of €30’000, or proof of already existing medical and overseas coverage.
    i) Travel itinerary with the confirmation of Hotel accommodation in Liechtenstein.
    j) Proof of sufficient availability of funds to support your travel and stay.
    k) Traveler cheques of adequate amount and Valid Visa Credit cards.
    l) Prepaid courier in case of applications to be received by post.

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    Visa Application Form

    Click here to download your visa application form for Liechtenstein Tourist Visit Visa. You can apply in person by appointment with Swiss Visa Application center in London.

    To fill in an online application form and to schedule an appointment, click here.
    The know about the complete procedure of application, click here.

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    Application Fee

    All Fees including Visa, Service and Courier charges for applications submitted can be paid by Credit/Debit card, or in the form of a Postal order payable to 'The Swiss visa Application Centre' London. The embassy does not accept fee paid in cash or via cheques. For up to date rates, contact with the Visa application center of embassy.

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    Submission of Application

    You can either apply online or set an appointment with the Switzerland Embassy to apply for a Tourist Visa of Liechtenstein. For other means of application, ask from the embassy.

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    Processing Time

    The procedure usually takes a time period of 6 to 8 weeks depending upon the season. However, it can be as minimum as 7 days. To check the latest update on your application, visit here.

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    Once the visa is approved, the processed application will be sent back to the applicant’s preferred address through courier. You can also collect your application from the Visa Application center after success between Mon-Fri 02:00PM-03:00PM.

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    Final Checklist

    The time required for the processing of applications is normally 6-8 weeks. However, it can be longer than this if application is not fulfilling all the requirements and conditions. To avoid unwanted delay in process, check the following list:

    a) All the documents mentioned in step 2.
    b) Validity of passport.
    c) Legal requirements of Schengen countries.
    d) Confirmation from the hotel where you are intending to stay in Liecrenstein.
    e) Sufficient availability of funds to support your travel and stay.
    f) National Identity Card.
    g) The capacity of Insurance policy.

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    Things to take with you

    Make it sure that you are complying with the laws of Schengen countries for entry. You should pay special attention to get to know about the things that you are allowed to take with you and also about the items that are banned particularly in Liechtenstein. For this following things should be kept in mind:

    a) Make it sure that you are not carrying anything illegal in your luggage.
    b) Avoid taking drugs or any kind of weapons with you.
    c) Take all the necessary documents with you which may be required for immigration.
    d) Keep your passport and identity card with you all the time during your stay.
    e) Take with you the complete contact information of the law enforcement agencies in Liechtenstein and the nearest UK embassy in that region.

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